Wait, protect those batteries

It will not come as a shock to anybody reading this website that most stores no matter where they sell always rely on upselling to make extra profit. Everyone has their viewpoints on this but my issue is how far some companies will go just to make that little extra …

When I was out in town shopping around for a new laptop it came to my attention that I will need to buy some new batteries. Seeing I was already in a store, I looked around to see if there were any cheap batteries and to my surprise there were.

Snat looking at batteries

So after I walked over, and picked up the correct battery type I then have another look around to see if there was anything else I needed to pick up. After a few minutes, I then went to the checkout to pay for the batteries when suddenly – an asshole checkout person appears.

Snat at the checkout
Snat being completely confused.

Now I can understand there are people whose income is purely based on commission such as car salespeople but surely a person operating the tills at a well-known chain of stores is getting paid by the hour, regardless if I buy something or not. What I am guessing is this person saw me looking at the laptops and was hoping to upsell me insurance or something – not sure if they get any pay increase if they do so. Anyway, the following happened.

Snat being sold insurance ?
Snat confused
Snat stopped updating these
Really, Snat did
All hail the dark lord Dolphin
Need to come up with a name for the dark lord Dolphin
.... oh Snat flipping off the checkout guy

And that is the story of why I never shop offline anymore and I will only say this once but who on this earth would even bring up the topic of insurance when dealing with some batteries that are only going to last one hour before I throw them at random people?

Who the hell wants to buy insurance for batteries? Is it in case you break them, in case they burn down the house somehow?

Well, in that case, it might be worth it.

Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2011). Wait, protect those batteries. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: https://snat.co.uk/rants/wait-protect-those-batteries.html [Accessed 07 Dec 2023].

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