The whole in the bus goes … up and down?

February 19th, 2015 Snat Posted in Rants | No Comments »

It’s quite sad that the most common thing I have to moan about is related to the public bus service but just the other day I was on a bus that a disconnection between the frame of the bus.

So the other day I was getting the bus to the local town and I notice we had quite a nice looking bus which normally means the kids are home from school and from the outside you wouldn’t notice a problem. I got on, paid my fare and had a chat with the driver for a bit and then walked to the back of the bus to sit down for the rest of the trip where I noticed something … every time the bus moved there was a visual “gap” between the side of the bus and the floor!

Now it is hard to explain exactly what I mean but I knocked off a very bad image. The light blue is the gap; the image on the left is when the bus wasn’t moving and the one on the right was during movement.

The wheels on the bus
Now I am not one to nick pit over every minor detail but I’m pretty sure that a gap like that when the bus is moving is a very, very bad thing and really something that should get fixed. Anyhow I decided it was worth telling the driver and saying how I feel about it when he told that he was fully aware of it and that it was harmless.

Eh, harmless? Well honestly I can not comment on that but seriously – does anyone else think here that the flipping FRAME of the bus is going up and down and disconnecting from each other is “harmless”?


… I am sure I have the most fucked up bus service in United Kingdom.

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Never overlook the basics

December 2nd, 2014 Snat Posted in Rants | No Comments »

I would imagine most people who is reading this website has a lot of technical knowledge when it comes to computers and I am sure you quite likely play games and if you play them on the PC I am sure you have, at times, suffered from frame rate problems.

Well I had this problem quite a lot lately with my system deciding to lag like hell during playing some games or video exporting (and if you are wondering, yes that is why they are being released very slowly) and I have looked into many reasons why and tried the following.

  • Updated operating system.
  • Updated drivers.
  • Removed anything not needed.
  • Clean the system.
  • Messed around with graphic card settings.
  • Re-sited CPU.

Well after that … it was still a massive problem and for the life of me I should not work out why. Anyhows after a few hours of playing Final Fantasy XIV my computer started making a loud noise and started slowing down. Now for any technical minds out there they would automatically tell me its the CPU under-clocking itself so it doesn’t get damaged and you would be right but fuck me I STILL could NOT find why it was happening.

So I was beaten and at this point, and although I do need one, I decided it might time to get a new PC seeing my old one is pretty “fucked” from just beyond his noise and over heating problem that I could not find.

Now I am sure you are wondering when I am going to cut to the point so here it is and the moral of he post – just because you know what you are doing you really should not over look the basics and someone else may actually have an insight that was useful.

You see my CPU was over heating and the reason for it was that my system needed a MASSIVE clean as the air vent that went directly near the CPU was completely blocked off to the point NOTHING could make it in or out. Amazingly my CPU did not cause a complete crash or die in a horrible fire but hey that’s my luck.

So yes to sum up and my advice for the day – really make sure to check things over before you do something and if someone tells you might be wrong – they may actually be right.

Anyhows time to get a new computer that can actually fit in a powerful GPU and PSU and not some mutant device although I think I may keep it for day-to-day computing.

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Don’t drink that in front of me!

November 16th, 2014 Snat Posted in Rants | No Comments »

So the other day I was wondering around town where just like anybody else, I decided that I needed a drink. So I walked into Morrisons and having been “some what” careful of drinking sugar lately I went to buy a Coco Cola Zero because when cold it does kinda taste like the original Cola.

So anyhow I bought it and went outside the shopping area, went to the bus stop and then sat down opened up the bottle when a random woman who had a couple of children with her decided to say quite loudly the following:


Now if I am to be honest I kinda just sat there, blinked for a few seconds and then looked around wondering who she was talking too and before I could say a word she started to go on about how she does not want her child to have sugar pushed in front of his face. So basically this random woman decided to have a moan that I was actually drinking a sugar-free drink and that she had the right to moan at me because of something she wants. And yes I do understand the looking out for your children stuff but I hardly see why I should care about what I do – she can deal with her own children how she want and stop bothering people just because she wants to do something else.

Seriously and I ask all of those that is currently reading this – Why should people have to change what they do just because one other person demands it for whatever reason it is. And yes I do understand that people want to make sure their children don’t do certain things (drugs etc) but if it is accepted by social standards – why should you?

Although we can debate how “healthy” diet drinks are, I would have thought it would have actually been a good thing to show your child that people still do enjoy drinking what they like even if it is a sugar-free product and that there are others out there that share the same point of view.

I suppose it can’t be helped with people who think like that but seriously no one cares how you want to raise your child – let everyone else do what they want in peace.

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Channel Clicking

July 13th, 2014 Snat Posted in Rants | No Comments »

Imagine this:

A police officer is running through a burning building slowly losing his grip over a Glock 17 as someone is running away when suddenly a car is speeding around following a train and then all of a sudden someone is cooking – that is what channel surfing is like and it is very, VERY annoying.

Now I can understand if you are watching TV and a ads start appearing and you flick over to other channels while you wait for the show to come back on, but why do people and I know a lot of them that does this, watch something until the break then switch to something else and once that hits a break to then switch to something else while not actually finish watching anything. To me that is just being lazy or there is nothing actually worth while watching and you would likely be better off just turning the TV off.

If people really can not sit long enough to be able to watch one programme on TV without having to keep switching it over, than maybe watching TV is not for you.

Know what the sad part is? I really have nothing more to say than this about – channel surfing is very annoying and you really should do something else is all you are going to do is flip over the channels and annoy anyone who MAY be watching something.

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The kid under the bus goes around and around

April 20th, 2014 Snat Posted in Rants | No Comments »

As some of you likely know (more so if you are parents but I do know many teenagers do read this website) it is half-term for a lot of places in this country and I only figured that out when I was sitting on a public bus and it was … relaxing and quiet (as quiet as an old bus can go anyway) and it got me thinking of something I wanted to write about ages ago.

If you are as unlucky as me you might live in a place that has very little public transport at all and if this is the case you will know what I am on about, if not then imagine living in a place where if you wanted to go somewhere without your own transport you have to rely on public transport that only exist to transport children to school (even if the council claims otherwise, they would cancel it in a heart beat if they could). As you might be able to imagine these buses would have to pick up a lot of people as to be anywhere worth while running they would need to pick a lot of people up. So now imagine a bus full of people and now imagine the same amount of children all having to fit on one bus where they is clearly not enough room.

So by now you should be imagining about an overfilled bus and if you are, you could imagine if you was catching that bus you would likely catch the first one on it or take a later bus (which ha, doesn’t exist) and if you are thinking this you can be sure as hell the children are thinking this one. So what is better than queuing up nicely then pushing and rushing your way into the bus and in the progress endangering other people by pushing them onto the road used by the buses.

Yep, you heard me right. What happened was a bunch of children wanted to get onto the bus so fast so they can get the seat they wanted, pushed the smaller children out-of-the-way close to the road (and a few of them did indeed actually hit the road).

Now thankfully the bus station I use is “not that busy” but really, why the HELL does anyone let alone children need to physically push people out-of-the-way just so they can get ONE seat on a bus?

Really does sitting at the back or at the top really matter “that” much compared to the health of someone else?

Well we already know the answer. Some children do not care and believe their status is more important than anything else. And some people wonder why pediaphobia exist.

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A Donation in Your Name

December 24th, 2013 Snat Posted in Rants | No Comments »

Ah, Christmas. The time where Christians rejoices about the birth of their messiah, others happy about no work or whatever but Christmas is also the time for giving and to some it seems they ain’t even trying. Before I go on this rant is not an insult to charities and most charities (mostly local ones) do a good job where Governments have failed.

I have seen lately more and more people have been “giving” a gift which is simply a “donation in your name” which is exactly as it says – someone donates money to a cause that you believe in (or worst, they believe in) and then have the nerve to claim they given YOU a gift when all they have done is given money to a charity of their choice to make them feel happy. Now do not get me wrong as there are many charities that does excellent work but not many really knows what you value and unless they said in advance or did a hell of a lot of research on you, that “gift” they sent you ends up being something they value and not you.

Now I know what some are thinking “Oh they done something nice for someone else, in YOUR name!” and you would be correct if it was something that you believed in or even worst – something that you DISAGREE with. I find it very obnoxious that someone would give something in YOUR name and then expect you to be happy, thankful and hell even grateful that they did it. Take this as an example: Lets say you do not like children and want nothing to do with them and someone donates in your name to the NSPCC.

Now I could forgive someone doing that if it was not lazy. I know people are now thinking they do not have to send a gift at all and you would be right just in this case they never even sent anything in the first place other than their ego put on a bit of paper. I am more than happy if someone sends a card or whatever but to simply send a donation in my name to something you believe in is VERY lazy and only serves to float your ego. Now I would not debate nor complain if someone sent me a list of charities and go – “Hey Matt, you are hard to shop for and / or got everything you want. What charity would you like me to give too” and honestly I would be far more thankful and happy that you allowed me to pick where to help and not assume.

Because let’s be honest – all a donation in your name to a place you want is YOU being arrogant that not only did you help the charity you want but you expect me to be happy that I got such a great gift … which isn’t a gift at all. You want to give money to charity then fine do so and skip me. You want to send money to a charity in my name? Also fine but ask me so I can tell you otherwise as it will not be going to that lovely charity of yours but something I find worthwhile like Stem Cell Research instead.

Just man up. If you can’t think of a gift then just get a gift card – we all know everyone got to pretend they are thankful anyway.

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Can you use cure, mummy?

September 15th, 2013 Snat Posted in Rants | 4 Comments »

Or don't get hit next time?

Or don’t get hit next time?

With Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn being released just a short while ago, I have some what got back into playing a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) on a casual scale and as per normal I pick a healer as I prefer them over the others (a summoning / pet class comes when I want to be a damage dealer when I do not want to have to think much).

After playing the first few dungeons with having no problems at all with having nice friendly community and then building up a few in-game friends, I tend started to drift the mid end dungeons and what I learnt their reminded me of Final Fantasy XI and other MMO’s all over again – that the healer does indeed seem to act as the “mother” of the group.
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Surface Pro Review

August 27th, 2013 Snat Posted in Hardware | 3 Comments »

As per what normally happens so often to me (See: Laptops from the past), as of writing this article I am doing some research into a replacement system for my “every day usage” and during my search I finally had the chance to try using a Microsoft Surface Pro and while there was some problems and things I would change – I found the Microsoft Surface Pro to actually be a very good device that I would replace my laptop and tablet.

Now in my reviews I do not go into all the technical details as I am honestly sure you are intelligent enough to load up Google so I am going to talk about a few things I did on it and if it done it well.
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Pacific Rim Review

July 14th, 2013 Snat Posted in Movies | 5 Comments »

Pacific Rim

A film about giant robots beating up aliens … and it worked.

When I first heard about this film from my brother I originally thought it would be okay at best and surprisingly the film surprised me on how good it was. The film is about a “war” that is happening between humanity and what they call “Kaiju”.

When people first fight them they basically go all out and although they win they learn they need to create a new weapon and this weapon, the Jaeger, is what the film is about – a bunch of Jaegers and Kaiju beating each other up and to cancel the up and coming apocalypse of humanity.
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The Amber Light

June 30th, 2013 Snat Posted in Rants | 4 Comments »

I have recorded what happened in this rant. I will upload it this week and will embed the video at the bottom.

For those that knows me well will know that I hate random lights on when I am trying to sleep and this is the tale of the motherboard that refused to turn off.

For the last few weeks I have been upgrading my PC and although it is not yet done (still need to get more RAM, new I/O panel and what not) the computer itself turns on and works fine although it a very loud device (the I/O panel has a temperature sensor on it to fix this).
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