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This section of Tweaked for your Pleasure has the many different rants I have posted over the years. Just a bit of light-hearted reading!

My child is special!

Please ... be quiet

Please … be quiet

Its a simple fact of life that biologically most people are able to have children and in our modern society for those that want children but unable to do so naturally could adopt a child (although I will not go into the fact most people want babies and leave actual children to stay in the care system) but society needs to learn that not everyone wants children and even more so not everyone think children are all that special.  Continue reading

What have we became?

Just put the phone down, okay?

Just put the phone down, okay?

I doubt very few people will disagree with me that driving can be hard work and even more so when you are first starting to drive by yourself if you can not avoid flashing lights or a random beep then you really should not be driving.

I read an article the other day on the BBC (Signal-blocking phone pouches’ for St Patrick’s pupils) where a school gave up with an idea where they would give their students special bags that is able to block mobiles signals from working so they will not get any phone calls, text messages, emails app alerts or social media notices and in theory this idea is not a bad one … until you think that the students they are giving this too can not just turn off their phone or hell turn it to silent. Continue reading

Do it for the likes

Do it for the Likes!

Do it for the Likes!

I doubt there is a single person reading this right now that could honestly say they do not know what Facebook is, what Twitter is or any of the 100 millions social networks and I am pretty sure most people that uses social networks have that one friend that is always posting pictures about everything they are doing and so fore.

I imagine you are debating with yourself right now why this is a problem and it isn’t in a way – if you don’t want to see people posting pictures about something then you can just unfollow them but its more to do with people who are simply maintaining an online image so that they can make their lives looks perfect … which to them they see as long as they are getting a ton of likes it is. Continue reading

Its creepy as fuck, stop pretending to be your kids

Seriously, its creepy.

Seriously, its creepy.

I would be lying if I said that this was the newest and latest trend that has appeared with young parents as I do not know as I often ignore posts people make about their children (no offence to anyone, but it isn’t interesting to me) but something I have noticed lately is there is a lot of people making accounts for their babies or young children on the likes of Facebook … and then actually post “as them”.

Now I can understand someone may want to make a Facebook page for their baby so that their friends and family could see latest pictures and stuff that the child has been up to which they would normally share via phone calls but its creepy as fuck as soon as you start posting, commenting and liking stuff AS your actual child.  Continue reading

My experience with Windows 10 Gaming Mode

EDIT: Do NOT use this feature if you do any screen recording such as what I do with the AverMedia for Playing Games with Snat. It will cause frame drops and have cause me to lose over a week worth of footage that I will need to record yet again.

Everything in this article is going to be heresay as I am not providing screenshots of before and after or video footage but simply will be speaking about my experiences from what I notice. Take it with a grain of salt – your milage will vary.

A short while ago there has been a new update for Windows 10 which brings a couple of features (Download Windows 10 Update) such as the new Dark Mode (Microsoft’s version of F.lux), a new picture editor and the one we will be discussing today which is the gaming mode.

The idea of a gaming mode has existed for ages and I can list a bunch of software that has already tried this such as CPUCores and works by either limiting what CPUs in your system does what or by changing how many processes are running which is how Windows 10 Gaming Mode deals with it – it stops processes that ain’t “vital” and designates more CPU time to your games.

As you can expect from the paragraph above that the built-in gaming mode will be able to help a tiny bit and honestly that’s what I been noticing during my testing. See, this gaming mode will not help you in games where you are having problems due to your graphic card being too weak but will help you make your CPU more stable.

Final Fantasy XIV

... wasn't that busy when I took the screenshot!

… wasn’t that busy when I took the screenshot!

So the first game I noticed a slight improvement was in Final Fantasy XIV. While standing around idle in the game’s major hubs I notice my CPU was a tad bit more stable and my frame rate did not drop randomly. During actual content such as dungeons and raids I never really noticed that much of a difference.

Out of interest, I did decide to pop along with a Rank S hunt to see how things were. I attend two hunts (both had around the same amount of people that I saw) and noticed with Gaming Mode on that I had less FPS lag after the fights got going.

Crusader Kings II w/ M&M DLC+

A slight bug I found, but the screenshot works!

A slight bug I found, but the screenshot works!

And now we move onto a game that needs a lot of CPU in order to actually run the game smoothly. I did the test on my normal PC and honestly, I did not notice that much of a difference as my PC could run the game smoothly in the first place but when I ran it on my Surface Pro I noticed quite a boost.

The game ran quite a bit more smoothly on my Surface Pro and although it did not suddenly turn it being abe to skip years at a time on max time settings but enough to allow playing it smoothish.

Other Games

During my tests, I did try other games and I noticed little to no improvement and they are as follows.

  • Sonic Generations
  • Dying Light
  • Command and Conquer: Kain’s Wrath
  • Fallout 3
  • Fallout 4

Is it worth it?

Well, this is the real question. From my experiences, there is only one reason I would not enable gaming mode and that is if you got a weak CPU and doing something on a second monitor. During my testing, I found watching Bob Burgers on a second monitor made VLC work slowly and the series skipping parts to catch up. This normally did not happen when I had gaming mode on.

But if you are fine with that – I would go ahead and use it. Little gain but nothing lost either. I would love to see a hotkey to enable or disable it in future on the fly.

Where education fails

How our schools have failed.

How our schools have failed.

Last year has been very interesting in the world of politics and as I am sure so many people who visits Tweaked for your Pleasure will have joined a debate about politics without knowing anything about it but the sad part is just how little informed people are when it comes to how the world works and you can debate it is by design but it is a shame nonetheless.

Let’s take a couple of topics that people face every day and I can bet you that the school you went too likely never even covered the topic in much detail and focused purely on “academic topics”. The first topic I will pick on is the one in the first paragraph – politics.

Back many years ago when I was at school not once do I remember any lessons or discussion about politics. There was no time to talk about what the different parties had to offer, how the voting system works or even how you can go about getting involved in politics but they did offer lessons about how our Government came about … although that’s a lie, my history lessons for many years was about World War II each year surprisingly.

The second topic I will use as an example is one I do believe is slowly making its way into schools and that is about healthy eating and overall health. I do not recall in school, college or university (although university doesn’t really apply here) anywhere about the benefits of exercise outside of a scientific context and how much different diets can affect you such as a vegetarian diet brings massive benefits to both the person and the environment but we did learn how the body absorbs the different food types and what the body gains from them.

What I am trying to explain is our education system does not get people ready for real life and only gets them ready to have a career in an academic environment. The education system needs to change to help people to get ready for life and this includes things like understanding how taxes work, how relationships are meant to work, the importance of exercising and so much more than just learning about history and the other stuff many will never use again.

Education is important and theses topics should still be taught but schools should stress so much more about the stuff in life and not just about getting enough points so the school can say it is doing great and needs to keep its budget. A couple of hours a week to teach children on how to deal with the issues of life would do so much.