I am sure most people who reads Tweaked for your Pleasure knows that marketing is very important when you make a website so I will not go on and explain about it in much detail.

Without marketing your website will have to rely on people finding it themselves and then your site spreading via word of month (which Snat’s Blog did – I never understood website marketing when I started).

One of the “best” ways people would advice you to do is to use a service known as Google Adwords to help market your website. Well Google Adwords works well when you know how to use it but more importantly for this article, Google Adwords allow people to publish image adverts on websites.

I am sure you are now thinking what the hell am I getting at but one thing about those adverts often only gives you one chance to “wow” the viewer in order for them to click your link.


While browsing the World Wide Web, I came across the advert that you can see on your right. Basically it is a game for “My Free Farm” that now comes with puppies but have a look at the top one – WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ?


Just look at its face. It is like some random demon spawn from a dark and twisted dimension in which puppies eats the faces of people who comes near them.

Even its eyes look fucked up and seems to say to you – you are next. Not sure if any children would actually click that link with a puppy face like that.

I mean, really what the hell is that thing and what plans does it have with us ?

2 thoughts on “ITS LOOKING AT ME

  1. Arjen

    I think we have finally determined the identity of the Antichrist.

    … Seriously though, I see a lot of that kind of ads. From a woman that talks, then nods and then gets played back in reverse to creepy dogs to weird Flash games, ads seem to be doomed to be a nuisance.

    1. Snat Post author

      It is just amazing though how many companies/people do not check their ads before publishing.

      Heck, it draw my attention enough to save the image.


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