Do Not Type Like This

So I Randomly Got Sent A Message Over MSN That Was Meant To Close And Stop Working Over A Week Ago When We Started Typing Like This And Fuck It Is Annoying To Read, Slow To Type And Overall A Pointless Exercise To Even Bother With As My Friend Would Put It.

I Am Sure You Have Seen Online On Some Forum Or Blog With People Doing This But I Do Not Get Why. Are People Just That Lazy (well Actually It Took Me More Effort To Do This Than To Type Normally) Or Are They Germans Learning English And Do Not Understand We Don’t Need To Capitalise Nouns?

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… so we survived Doomsday 2012

... so we survived

If you are reading this then you have access to the World Wide Web so listen up. We are the last few of the human race that has survived just like the Mayan said would happen. As you know either a black hole, the Sun blew up, Planet X hit us, zombies have returned, Jesus is here or the Internet isn’t working and civilization is on the edge of dying completely.

So the first thing you got to remember is to find a place to stay. Remember the most important thing to find is to get access to the World Wide Web so you can post online that you survived. The second thing is to want to make sure you take as many photos as you can of any weapons, or any food caches you have online so people know it is safe to come to you.

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Is a tablet really worth it?

TFYP on an iPad
TFYP on an iPad

Tablet PCs are a very funny thing, they have been around for so long and no one has seen a point in them but suddenly when the Apple iPad was released that everyone suddenly finds a use for it honestly is it any good?

Well being one to always hoard new technical stuff when it first came out “mainstream”, I got myself a cheap Android tablet and while it was fine for a couple of things it sucked. While that put me off tablet PCs for ages, within the last few months I got myself a more “high-end” Android tablet which is what this article is based on.

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Latin has seen better days

Now it is quite rare that I find something on the World Wide Web that is worth looking at and today I am writing about one of them. So, someone, I follow on Twitter discovered a new interesting project called “Dotsies” and after having a look at it – I have to say that I am very impressed. The idea behind the thing is simply to look at replacing the Latin script for reading. As you may know that the Latin script is now over 1000 years old and it has served its time well.

Having originally been designed to allow people to easily write, it takes up too much space today when devices are getting smaller and smaller. Dotsies are a little different to how the Arabic numbering system replaced the old roman numeral (such as how we write 12345 and not MMMMMMMMMMMMCCCXLV).

The main change as I am sure you have seen in the image above is that each letter has now been changed into dots (and a further small dot for capital letters). As I am sure you will see this ends up allowing more text to be displayed at any given time which is again useful for small devices. I am going to show you in a minute some sample text but remember that this is read exactly the same as English – nothing changes other than what is used to write the letter in the first place so all you need to learn is what dot is what which is something you could learn in 30 minutes if you put your mind to it.

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Finish the darn site

In these modern ages, everyone and even their dog now has a website. Many of these take the form of a weblog much like this one, a forum, or a simple HTML page (I figure we could throw in social network profiles as well) and that does bring out a slight issue – it is making the World Wide Web look like an unfinished, lazy job.

The reason I say this is quite often that people will start a website and it would never get finished without the intent of ever finishing it. Developing websites can take ages to do as first there is deciding what to do the website about, design, coding and things along those lines but I am “moaning” at people who never maintain their website after it has been developed.

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