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Is a tablet really worth it?

TFYP on an iPad

TFYP on an iPad

Tablet PCs are a very funny thing, they have been around for so long and no one seen a point in it but suddenly when the Apple iPad was released that everyone suddenly finds a use for it but honestly is it any good?

Well being one to always hoard new technical stuff that when it first came out “main stream”, I got myself a cheap Android tablet and while they was fine for a couple of things they basically sucked. While that put me off tablet PCs for ages, within the last few months I got myself a more “high-end” Android tablet which is what this article is based on.
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Tasty food is not what you expect

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Salty Chicken

As many people may know from reading Tweaked for your Pleasure, I do tend to eat a lot of fast food and other non healthy food. I am sure many of the reasons why people do tend to these food like this is mostly for two reasons;

  1. They do not have time to make healthier food (although it is NOT that hard nor long to do).
  2. They believe that the “healthy” food does not taste as good.

While I can understand the first option, it is the second option I do not understand. While I will agree food like that does taste very nice but it does not last. Now I am not sure if I am the only person who this happens too but when I am eating something like chips & cheese that I will enjoy while a lot of it but after a while I start to get a salty sickly taste that will start to appear.
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Using the reset switch

Well I am sure you have already noticed but I have decided to “in a way” restart Tweaked for your Pleasure rather than keeping it as it was. With the de-merging of Wrights Productions and Just a Community I felt it was only right to also begin a new on here, so I did mostly.

The first thing you will noticed is I have changed the layout. The layout now allows you to access the content of Tweaked for your Pleasure far better. One of the biggest complaints I got on this website was the rants, news and videos are all merged onto the index page and annoyed those that did not want to see those things. So with this in mind I have changed the way the website is viewed. On the home page there is now three links (also more links top right, if you look closely) which allows you to access the rants, the news updates like these and my videos.

So if you liked reading about was my rants then now you can simply just click the rant button or bookmark the URL. As I am sure you seen, once you access the rant page you will see it then works much like the original Tweaked for your Pleasure. All new videos will be published in the news section while the video section will automatically update with a link to YouTube.

The second major changes is the mass deletion of articles. I have deleted many articles that was not really a rant or something and well, I was not even sure what they was. While I am quite sure many of you will blow it way out of the water and moan everything is changing or something – I am opening up Snat’s Blog Archives. And yes, it is being called Snat’s Blog Archives rather then TFYP Archives as most of the stuff on it pre-dates back when it was called Snat’s Blog or pre 2007 stuff.

The next major change is going back to IntenseDebate for the comments. I know some of you did not like IntenseDebate but seeing I no longer am in need of any users to be able to sign up or even login beyond me updating the website, IntenseDebate allows many more features that people want such as emailing comments, replying to comments via emails and all that while at the same time allows me to serve comments on Tweaked for your Pleasure better.

So to sum it up. There been a “major-ish” layout change, content moved to a sub domain and comments changed – see, I made you read a lot of useless text.

Didn’t know the Government was in that much debt

I got an “interesting” e-mail today from my brother saying about something to do with what is happening in the news lately or something about education. It made me think, what the fuck. Basically, in the past you went to school and had a right to a free education and if you fucked about, you was punished.

Then someone bitches about human rights, child abuse etc and then it changed from all that to stuff like “detection” etc. Then someone moaned about that and then it changed to “time out step” which then got moaned about as it singled out children which they claimed “wasn’t right” etc. Well, seeing the Government couldn’t do anything to the children why not go to the next best thing – the parents.
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