Unlimited hosting does not exist

Web hosting is very important if you want to get website hosting as it is this that allows people to host a website in the first place. Many years ago you were able to get a web host for about £5 a month which gave you something like 500MB of hard drive space and maybe 2GB of data transfer.

Over the years that bandwidth and hardware got cheaper and cheaper and it got to a point in which people started to offer things like 10GB hard drive space, and 100GB data transfer for around the same price of £5 a month.

However, it did not stop then. Finally, some people started to offer unlimited web hosting. Basically what this means is you can use as much data transfer as you like, and hard drive space as you like for just a low price of something like £3 a month (I am sure if you shop around, you can find it for $1.00 a year).

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