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Becoming a laird

The Much Honoured Nemo of Great Barrier Reef
Laird Nemo of Great Barrier Reef

As of today, I am pleased to say I am The Much Honoured Irvine Carbrey Pal Grant Mac Fhionnlaigh of Kincavel and you all …. wait someone else is already a laird of Kincavel and I can’t use it? Can I keep the Irvi… no okay.

So I have heard a lot more about people selling land which allows you to become a laird – I even looked back at it in 2007 and wondered if it was actually legal to actually buy a title. If you are wondering what I am on about check this link – Buy a Laird Title from a company you think would actually research it.

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Tasty food is not what you expect

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Salty Chicken

As many people may know from reading Tweaked for your Pleasure, I do tend to eat a lot of fast food and other non healthy food. I am sure many of the reasons why people do tend to these food like this is mostly for two reasons;

  1. They do not have time to make healthier food (although it is NOT that hard nor long to do).
  2. They believe that the “healthy” food does not taste as good.

While I can understand the first option, it is the second option I do not understand. While I will agree food like that does taste very nice but it does not last. Now I am not sure if I am the only person who this happens too but when I am eating something like chips & cheese that I will enjoy while a lot of it but after a while I start to get a salty sickly taste that will start to appear.
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Spare me a quid, gov ?

While I have always moaned about public transport in the past, there are times I have needed to use them for whatever purpose it was. Anyhow this story is not another bus one but rather what happened at the bus stop.

First, we need to put a picture into your mind and what better way than using crappy paint drawings.

So in your mind, you should now be thinking of a demonic-looking me and while I may have not looked like that physically, it is at least how I must have looked to the random people who walked by.

So I was in my local town for what I was recalling for shopping purposes when I finally got to the bus stop around half an hour before the bus should officially come. Having missed out on a pound coin for the bus, I asked a friend who was there if he had a spare pound coin or else I would have to go to the bank and withdraw. Thankfully he did and he passed it over and I put it into my left coat pocket.
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Superman really is a cunt

Superheroes are something a lot of children used to dream about being when they are much younger and I am sure one that everything has at least heard about is Superman. Amazingly it seems that with superpowers you actually become a super douche and if you are confused, let me explain.

As you can see on the panel on the right that one time Superman explained to Batman about how his parents died and I would be guessing that Superman thought it would be funny (wait until later) to not save Batman parents lives but finally Superman decides to tell Batman for some reason.

Superman and Batman looking into the future.

You may be thinking to yourself that is not so bad, but you would think seeing that Superman (Superboy then ?) would have been able to see Batman’s parents deaths right seeing that he had a telescope that could see into the future.

So not telling Bruce Wayne (Batman) that he will see his parents get shot right in front of him, he is way more interested in bragging about what he will become in the future. He may have also seen everything else that happens in the future such as world events, terrorism and such but Nah, he is way more interested in what he will become. Oh, and how does a kid get such a thing anyway.

Superman bullying Robin

It would not be so bad if Superman was just taking the piss with Batman but sadly it does not end there. Remember how Superman is meant to be very strong and much more and you would think that if physical force was needed for something he would do it.

But you are wrong if you were thinking that. Not only does Superman put his feet up, but his face is basically just saying “LOL” while he just sits there grinning. Batman does the same but man, he is a whole completely different story which I will not post in this article.

Superman killing Lois … again

So you may be thinking he does not do a lot and that he does not do it to anyone he loves but you would be mistaken again.

Superman has a really bad habit of always killing Lois when something happens between them. Really, you would be surprised at how many times he “accidentally” killed her so many times. I can see him explaining to the police and they just go “whatever”.

Superman killing himself … again.

Well, killing someone is bad at the end of the day, but he does not stop there. Superman has another habit of “killing himself” just because he does not get what he wants.

Ya, even rape is on the table now.

You would be surprised at how often he does this. There is the one on the right and there are so many others just because Superman could not get what he wanted. Although I am guessing him doing that is far better than actually threatening to rape someone. Although if that is what happened to you just there, I would feel sorry for what he does to this person here (Image: Click here)

Oh ya, Superman cheats on pretty much everyone but I am too lazy to keep putting more cover pages in.

Friendship … DENIED

Maybe it is all because he is an alien, but Superman is also well-known to not let people have any friends at all but a lot of times he would physically beat someone else up just because they either became friends with someone else or became friends with one of this friends.

Superman just randomly … why am I still writing these.

Wow, what a case of a really bad ego trip but it does not stop there at all. Of course, Superman just does what he wants and if that includes randomly destroying the rails that a running train is currently using but hey he is Superman he can do whatever he wants!

Wahahaha, ruling the world is easy if you were Superman.

Although that being said, not only does he like randomly doing stuff but he even takes over the world at one point (well, he actually takes over the world a few times but this one has him wearing the Pope hat).

Is this the reasoning behind it all?

By now you may be thinking you’ve seen a lot, but it really does get more random. At one time, Superman (or Superboy) even took on and became Hitler … no, I am not making this up.

Superman being Hitler would have actually explained a lot of things and it would have told us why Superman acted how he was but on further research, I found out that Superman’s father was also a cunt.

Finally, the source of it all.

Actually, his father acting like that would have explained everything. It would make me wonder what his father was actually like. Come on, who in their right mind would send a dog into space for whatever reason it may have been.

Ya, even she is a bitch.

No wonder Superman is all fucked up in the head but hey, he is not the only one as even Supergirl turns her former boyfriends into stone which seems to be regardless of the reason they may have broken up for.

But there is still sweetness in it all. While Superman may have done all these bad things during his life that he has stood on trial so many times before for many crimes but he never actually seems to have anything happen to him which is actually quite sad to hear.

So yes, in like of all this – yes, Superman really is a cunt and it runs down his family bloodline. That, or I have just taken all the front covers and such out of context.