Political Correctness has made us racist

I am sure everyone has heard of the term “political correctness” but if you have not it is a term used for all the bullshit people say you must do when no gives a shit. I am sure you have noticed in the media you will always hear people call a “different coloured” skin person an “African American” although the person may have been born in Europe but hey, political correctness means we must apply a Government label to everyone.

So while we have our African-American what do you think we call “white-coloured people” these days?

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Finish the darn site

In these modern ages, everyone and even their dog now has a website. Many of these take the form of a weblog much like this one, a forum, or a simple HTML page (I figure we could throw in social network profiles as well) and that does bring out a slight issue – it is making the World Wide Web look like an unfinished, lazy job.

The reason I say this is quite often that people will start a website and it would never get finished without the intent of ever finishing it. Developing websites can take ages to do as first there is deciding what to do the website about, design, coding and things along those lines but I am “moaning” at people who never maintain their website after it has been developed.

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ReactOS – Just how good are you right now ?

As of writting this blog post that ReactOS is in 0.3.6 (Alpha) and already, it looks like it will become a good operating system. The reason I will call it a good operating system is the fact that it is an open source clone of Windows. Now, I ain’t one to like Windows but lets face it, most people use it so it is good for something and it is about time someone decided to clone it.
If everything goes well then ReactOS might even replace Windows one day but enough about a time today, lets focus on the now. ReactOS is being designed so that ultimately it will run any Windows Software and hardware. Right now, it is doing an okay job.

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