Unlimited hosting does not exist

Web hosting is very important if you want to get a website hosting as it is this that allows people to host a website in the first place. Many years ago you was able to get a web host for about £5 a month which given you something like 500MB hard drive space and maybe 2GB data transfer.

Over the years that bandwidth and hardware got cheaper and cheaper and it got to a point in which people started to offer things like 10GB hard drive space, 100GB data transfer for around the same price of £5 a month.

However it did not stop then. Finally some people started to offer unlimited web hosting. Basically what this means is you can use as much data transfer you like, hard drive space you like for just a low price of something like £3 a month (I am sure if you shop around, you can find it for $1.00 a year).

I have time and time again have said to people who get unlimited hosting simply does not exist and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. Bandwidth cost money. If unlimited bandwidth actually exist do you think Google, Facebook and many more would pay tons and tons on bandwidth when they could just get a £3 a month unlimited hosting account. Think about all the extra profit they would make if their operating costs went down.

Also, I have sold web hosting accounts in the past and ran servers but I think I actually missed the memo about the new unlimited hard drives as I just can not find them anywhere.

The same applies to the processor and ram. I seem to keep missing the unlimited processor that gives me unlimited clocks, processes and the RAM that gives me unlimited memory … unless they are using that unlimited hard drive as unlimited swap but that isn’t as good.

Often with unlimited web hosts you will have a lot of limits such as CPU limits or even you can not use that storage to store files over a certain size. That comes to show a lot doesn’t it ?

Unlimited hosting is a scam, end

10 thoughts on “Unlimited hosting does not exist

      1. Avarnis

        What's so bad about them? From the look of the logo it seems like a service by the same guys who made LimeWire… no idea they did hosting of any description.

  1. Avarnis

    P.S. yes I know there isn't really such a thing as literally "unlimited" hosting, I was just lol'ing at the irony.

  2. Aaron Healey

    Hi, i think the main part of this article that stood out to me was "you can not use that storage to store files over a certain size. That comes to show alot doesn’t it ?"

    Because when i was working for someone we was working on a site and the shopping cart / images that had to be uploaded was getting bigger and bigger as it was a big shopping warehouse, and he had like over 50,000 Images and the person i was working for had a package that he thought was Unlimited Hosting / Diskspace / Bandwidth. which was from justhost.com and we had to upload like all those images but they would only let us upload 50,000 images etc as something about 1 node is for 1 account something like that lol. and i tried to explain to the dumb ass about all this ages ago but he would not listen he was saying to me "they have to give me unlimited everything because it says that" and he said if they dont they will have to transfer me to a bigger server, but what tried ti explain that Snat told me this lmao and i agreed YOU CANNOT GET UNLIMITED HDD SPACE but he still didnt listen lmao so i gave up.

    Hope that made sense lmao



    1. Snat Post author

      That made sense to me. Thing is, unlimited hosts will limit you one way or another as simply it can not exist right now.

      And it other is inode, CPU, RAM Limits, file size limit or what type of files you are allowed to host.

      Would be interesting to see one of these unlimited webhosting that offered SSH for someone just to do

      dd if=/dev/zero bs=256k count=1073741824000000 of=LOL

  3. Arjen

    Indeed, people do often say 'when it's too good to be true, it almost certainly isn't'.
    It wouldn't make sense to offer unlimited hosting at a meager price- there wouldn't be profit in it for the host. It's sad that people are easily fooled by pretty words.

  4. Mark

    Fully agree! Add to this unlimited anything: phone plans and internet plans in particular! They all have fine print or a catch. When I see a host with unlimited on it, that's a black mark for me, not a tick.

    1. Snat Post author


      Phone and Internet plans are just as annoying. They say unlimited transfer … within fair usage. Fair usage basically means use more then you are paying, bye.


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