To Marketing Consultants

I figured I will do a quick message to marketing consultants that are contacting me about marketing on Tweaked for your Pleasure (this website) and “somehow” using an e-mail address that is ONLY listed on Look at my Spam which means either you went to that site hoping you can contact me or you are using a spider bot and found the e-mail.

While I am ignoring any e-mails sent to it, they WILL BE posted in the future. If you are “Monica Sellers” reading this, I would not mind knowing how you found that e-mail as the one you sent me does look legit, but going to my spam e-mail address I would say otherwise.

If anyone actually needs to contact me, it’s easy enough to contact me at ter{at}

One thought on “To Marketing Consultants

  1. Rick Brown

    Hey, Matthew-

    I became an instant fan of your multi-platform rant-a-thon portals and was about to do whatever the intrepid Ms. Sellars did to try to communicate with you. I AM one of those marketing communications consultant guys and was fascinated and impressed by your work for a couple reasons –

    1. I own a couple websites (well, really just URLs) that I've not quite been able to figure out how to use — and Justin's 'Eat Meat' rant about the uber-healthy eating style of his sister put me in mind of a ridiculous article I couldn't avoid today. The articlewas jabbering on about a new eating disorder – orthorexia – overly health-concious eating.  I am not shitting you -see the Yahoo-Health link here:… .

    So, the combination of your guests' and your rantings seemed easily classifiable into categories Health, Entertainment, Sports etc. which is one of those fantasy portal concepts I always had in mind for the platform. Enough-Sports! Enough-Business! Enough-Entertainment! etc. Anyway, I digress.

    2. I seriously WAS thinking that your Tweaked For Your Pleasure site might be a cool place to market one of our clients' websites…

    But then I ran into THIS post. So I thought I'd tip my hat to you and give you a legit way to contact me if you ever do develop the ability for someone who wants to advertise on your site to do anything other than buy you a soda. Although, I'm not averse to that.




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