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The Much Honoured Nemo of Great Barrier Reef

Laird Nemo of Great Barrier Reef
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As of today I am pleased to say I am The Much Honoured Irvine Carbrey Pal Grant Mac Fhionnlaigh of Kincavel and you all …. wait someone else is already a laird of Kincavel and I can’t use it? Can I keep the Irvi… no okay.

So I have heard a lot more about people selling land which allows you to become a laird – I even looked back at it in 2007 and wondered if it was actually legal to actually buy a title. If you are wondering what I am on about check this link – Buy a Laird Title from a company you think would actually research it.

In case you do not know the “title” laird is an honour title given to people who owes land in Scotland that is registered under Section 4b of the Registration of Land (Scotland) Act (1979). In this case you then would have the land legally transferred to you at which point you can call yourself “Amazing Dude” of Wherever.

But this is where it falls apart. First we must understand what these companies do. They claim they will sell you a 1×1 foot of land which is how you can legally declare yourself as a laird. What they did not tell you is that according to Section 4b of the Registration of Land (Scotland) Act (1979), the land must actually have a use and other than wasting a couple of quid I do not see any use in a 1×1 land which means you do not have any legal right on that land and thus stays theirs. In other word, you wasted money to pretend you are a Laird or a “Lord” which they commonly claim you can use which goes on to the next bit …

The second problem with these is when they claim you can call yourself a lord as both Laird and Lard comes from the Latin word – Laverd. Within the United Kingdom (and Scotland is still within the United Kingdom for now) the title “Lord” can only be given by the Sovereign, aka the state, which is a part of the ancient system in which you need to be a friend of the people in Government, loads of money or have a good mouth to become a member off. Lairds on the other hand are a member of the Landed Gentry and thus two different things. So go ahead and claim you are a lord to the United Kingdom and be see if they will arrest you for fraud, unless those documents these companies send you are deed polls so you only legally only add Lord to your first name such as Lord Nemo which would make Mr Lord Nemo look a bit daft.

The next thing and I am going to wrap this up as I could go on all day is there can only be one person that is a Laird of a certain area and not millions. More so if this was actually real (I would say legal but it is legal, just dishonest) you would find a lot of reviews out there confirming this.

The last thing is respect. By going around calling yourself Laird when you are not is really disrespecting Scotland’s culture. This is nothing more than buying a title that isn’t even a title and a term given in respect. Waste your money if you want but if you are still thinking about buying this, I can make you a member of the Justice League for a fiver and that looks SO much better.

If you are still interested in getting one for whatever purpose, you can Become a Laird on Amazon.

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The Much Honoured Irvine Carbrey Pal Grant Mac Fhionnlaigh of Kincavel, Kettering, London, err New York, lets throw in Washington and Irn Bru

6 thoughts on “Becoming a laird

  1. brazenfaced

    yes read the site again. you can buy them and become a laird or a lord as tat name is allowed. just bcuz you cheap to buy it.

    even my bank statements say it and bank not lie

    1. Snat

      You can buy them indeed, but you do not actually get a title. So where are you the laird off, lets see if there are millions of others as well in the same estate. Have you also tried going to the Home Office and getting your title changed on your passport or even better pop a email over to the Lord Lyon and ask them to confirm that you are indeed a Laird.

      Naturally they will say you are not.

    1. Snat Post author

      That would be ground to be fired should your employer actually finds out. So far I haven’t seen any site that shows it is legal and secondly it is a honour title and not a legal title.

    1. Snat Post author

      Simply linking to a website does not prove anything, look how simple it is for me to do too:!

      Read the website and I am sure you will enjoy it. If you still think you can, I got some Doctor of Honour Title or something (I will work out what to print later) if you are interested.


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