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Urban Ultimatum (Esper Girl)

Farewell Metal Gear Online

Silo Sunset  (Esper Girl)
Silo Sunset (Esper Girl)

I would guess that you have quite likely at least heard of a gaming series called Metal Gear Solid and if not well there is Wikipedia for that. Against I am sure what most people think, I am not really into the online gaming thing that much but there has always been one game that I have always enjoyed playing and that was Metal Gear Online 2 for the Playstation 3.

Having been released many years ago now, Metal Gear Online was originally a fine example of how to do an online shooter based game and while it was not graphically as good as other Playstation 3 games that have been released now, it always had that little special thing about being a stealth action game and all that stuff.

Now if you never heard of Meta Gear Online, let me quickly explain. The game was an online “sheath based” game where you was on one team and then had to do a few things based on what the game mode was.

Midtown Maelstrom (Snat)
Midtown Maelstrom (Snat)

One of the modes involved you using something called a stealth camo and having to get a target and take it back (although near the end, everyone just prefers killing each other in this mode), a base mission where you have to take over a certain amount of areas and well modes where you just have to kill everyone.

However, the mode I did like the best on Metal Gear Online was Sneaking Mission. In this mode, you play as Old Snake and you have to collect a certain amount of dog tags from soldiers while ideally not getting involved in the battle between the two different teams.

Unlike many games that exist today on the Playstation 3, Metal Gear Online also had a whole range of things that allowed you to expand your virtual soldier. These changes included many different uniforms, paint camo and many things such as different harnesses and although none of these had any effect on the game, it was a nice little touch.

Midtown Maelstrom (Snat)
Midtown Maelstrom (Snat)

The next thing it allowed was the changing of skills. This allowed you to create a soldier that was, let’s say, good at CQC and shit at everything else. Another example would be your soldier become good at being able to use an SMG without little recoil but then suffering from not being able to use a handgun and the likes well. A problem with this however came up as due to people moaning on Metal Gear Online that they were not Old Snake and wanted to be able to run faster, shoot etc and all that without the need of using skills, the creators ended up “nerfing” the skills and on top of that players kept trying to kick people for using skills like CQC Ex as they did not want to change their method of playing the game.

As good as the game may have been, just like most games on the Playstation 3 – they tend to have bugs lying around places and one of the major problems had been simply the lack of updates. Metal Gear Online had a few major bugs which involved how the game worked which allowed people to easily cheat and that ultimately ended the game for many people as they were unable to play the game without someone coming along and spoiling everything.

Icebound Inferno (Esper Girl)
Icebound Inferno (Esper Girl)

Although these problems were well documented and recorded, the developers did not seem somewhat interested in fixing them and the game went on to be buggy for ages with no one seeming to care about its development and how it was running. It was during this time more and more people started to cheat and the game become a field where people would just run around and cheat just so they got a higher kill ratio as for some reason, people think that is fun.

Ultimately people got bored with the game and rightfully so, they ended up leaving the game and the ones that were left were either people who were hoping the game will change or cheaters and sadly, nothing did ever change. Well until the next Metal Gear Online game, everyone will have to just remember and enjoy how good the game was before all the cheaters got involved.

Oh okay, one more picture for the road.

Urban Ultimatum (Esper Girl)
Urban Ultimatum (Esper Girl)

Pay to be a Criminal

It is amazing that in our modern times that more and more companies are trying to stop people from copying their games and software and yes that is totally fine and I support them with that but when is it time to say enough is enough and just start focusing on actually making good games again.

You may have heard of DRM (digital rights management) which basically finds a way to stop the game from being copied. Originally we had CD keys, having to sign up online and so fore but once again one company has went a step even further – Ubisoft.

assassin-creed2Ubisoft are the makers of quite a good game called Assassin Creed which as the name  says, you are an assassin. Skipping the whole story, the second game is based after the first one but many years in the future. This time however, Ubisoft has decided to install yet a new DRM system which needs an always online Internet connection.

Some of you may think this is not a bad thing at all but basically with this game that if your Internet connection drops that the game will pause and after a few seconds or so that if you reconnect it will restart back at the last checkpoint rather then just un-pausing it from where you was.

To be honest, Ubisoft has shot themselves in the foot. Think about it and let’s be honest. No one in the United Kingdom actually has a good Internet connection – Mine even keeps randomly disconnects for seconds every hour. If I was playing this game it would go like this.

Me: Oh cool, just got to kill this one person and then go in there and finish of my target and mission done.

Disconnects for one second.





Me: Oh what the fuck.

Pulls the game out of my computer

Throws the games into the fire and laugh

In fact thinking about it, what happens if Unisoft master servers goes offline. The game would then stop working and it would not even be for fault. I wonder if Ubisoft thought about all the people that play games on the go and not just in their house as those people wo not be able to play the game as we do not live in a world in which we have a 24/7 wireless Internet connection.

I can even see Ubisoft then charging you a monthly fee to keep these servers online as I do not know how they are going to keep funding this with just a one off payment. Personally I would not even get this game for the PC just for the fact that their DRM has went to far and I would not even be able to pay it. Well done Ubisoft for making offline game mode just as hard as online gaming.

I would not buy it, but if you want to – Click here to preorder Assassin Creed 2 PC.

All the time I wished I could blame Canada

There are many times I wish I could just blame Canada for many of the issues that happens. Lately many parts of Snat.co.uk has been a target of DDOS attacks and it always seems to start off at Canada.

Also, I got a order for a product that I was selling and someone brought it however the person ended up being a scammer (Asking PayPal to refund, then try to get me to refund it as well “outside of PayPal”) and the details that was recorded was that the person came from Canada.

Now, that aside and that Canada is a nice place (Or so I hear, still don’t wanna go there 😉 ) but after this, I decided that enough was enough so I decided to look into many ways to block different country (Not Canada) but other very high risk places like Iran so I decided to have a look into some solutions and I have found three ways that works the best.
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