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Is it time for Web Hosting regulations?

When you read this article, be aware I have no issues with small businesses or web hosts, this article is debating should web hosts actually have some form of regulation or making it more “ethical” in the larger sense- read on as I explain many problems I have experienced.

If you are an owner of a website you have likely used many “not well-known” web hosts and if you have, you likely have screwed over at one point. As you may know that if you wanted to get into the web hosting industry you could do it for, well, nothing if you actually looked around.
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GeekRack – Uk2Web – Ahh Fuck it

I am pretty sure what most of you don’t even know what the title means and I ain’t suprised but GeekRack was a webhost that disappeared with all of it’s clients money and ultimately data and then left them to deal with the shit she created.

The owner was someone called Shequeita and I wouldn’t be suprised if she started another webhost some day (Or even have) but this post ain’t about attacking GeekRack (I am pretty sure a few seconds Google Search will tell you enough) but about Uk2Web (http://uk2web.net/).

As of posting this (As of this edit, they have now have another page saying that they download the template for free) they are using the exact same template as GeekRack but ultimately, they seem to even be using the exact same client database and even forum database that GeekRack used. When checking the forum, even the login page goes to http://geekrack.net/forums/login.php?do=login (As of this edit, the forum ain’t online, what a surpise).
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