Corporation’s approved Internet

For those reading this from a search engine, you will find there is a new threat out there called – Earn IT. You can learn more about it here on Comparitech’s website and while I am not paid to link to it – it is a company’s website. Click here to learn more – EARN IT Act.

As you may know in the United States right now, corporations are currently fighting for the legal right to be able to censor the Internet at the DNS level for whatever reason they want to make up and regardless of what you think – it is a real threat not only in the United States but Europe as well.

Imagine loading up YouTube so that you can watch some new videos from your favourite puppet singer only to find out that the person has been sent to prison, the site the owner had deleted all because a corporation lawyer saw the video and decided they did not like it that they could get it to shut down. This is the future the United States is rapidly heading too and if it passes, expect it to fly right into the European Union “because it is the right thing to do”.

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Snat’s Top Five Games in 2010

And here we are again as promised in Snat’s Top Five Movies. Now I am not much of a gamer but I have owned a few gaming consoles during my time and of course, I have liked certain games over others and as promised I am going to list them below.

So, let’s start first at number five and work our way down.

#5 – Final Fantasy IX

Ff9 Box Art

Final Fantasy IX was originally released on the PlayStation console and just like the other Final Fantasy games it starts with a simple plot which then expands into a quite complex plot.

The game is based around a Princess called Garnet who escapes from the castle she lives in and joins up with a group of bandits who were trying to kidnap her anyway. Her guard joins her who does not agree with what she is doing but follows anyway as a part of his duty.

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Top five favourite movies

Hello to all Internet stalkers and random peeps, today I bring to you a different style of article for once. Rather than just rant about how I hate something or something along those lines, I am actually going to say some things I actually like.

Now, this will be three different articles and each one will cover a different top ten the three I will be covering are listed below.

  • Top five favourite movies. (the one you are reading now)
  • Top five favourite games.
  • Top five(ish) favourite songs.

Now please be warned, there is going to pretty much be one hell of a long article full of videos and other lovely flash objects I can whack in to make your browsing experience as hell as possible. So, without any further delay let’s start.

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Amazing how the world hasn’t changed

The media always is telling us about bad things to come. They are always telling us that the end is coming due to certain reasons such as terrorists, bioweapons, nuclear weapons, and Bush but the fact a lot of people do not seem to understand is that they have ALWAYS been saying that. The media makes its money by staring at people. Let us be honest here. If I published a newspaper or a website that said cute kittens were found safe after having a bath and now smell nice, you would not give a fuck. You may go aww or something but you will not care. However, if I do the same and say “cute kittens create a biological organic weapon (BOW) and say will issue a nuclear strike to the USA within days” you would say oh my god and get worried about it.

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