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It seems everyone either loves them or hate them but children are one of the most annoying things that exist on Earth. While children are needed to keep our genetic blood lines going but children should not have a free pass to do whatever the hell they like and get away with it.

The topic about children has came up before on Tweaked for your Pleasure but I just had to write and try just one thing. While I was in the British Library the other day just doing some peaceful research for a future blog articles (yes, I really was researching) and some child was placed right next to me screaming as loud as she could.

I figured the mother who was with her would calm her down but she just went and to quote exactly – “Aww how cute“. I then figured I would just hint a little about the noise but the mother still did not care. I then noticed all the other people and staff included was now getting fed up with this child so I thought I would just give the mother a kind notice. It went like this;

Me: Excuse me, you mind tending to your child.

Mother: Why should I. My child is welcomed to scream and cry.

Me: No she does not. Everyone here just wants peace and you are ruining it. This is the same as me putting a chain saw next to your ear and telling you I have the right to do so.

Mother: Fuck you. Screw you. You do not tell ME how to look after my child. You say one more thing I am going to report you to the police for trying to control me.

At this stage I thought to myself that she would be impossible to talk too and if I kept trying she would be more then sure to scream herself. Not knowing what to do I thought of something slightly clever. People keep calling me childish and while I am at it, I might as well try a little social experiment.

All I did was a few simple things a child tends to do. I picked up books and pushed them on the floor and then starting kicking my feet. It was at this time the mother slowly started looking at me and basically said – “Stop that”. Now this is where it got quite interesting. I now know she was paying attention to me and now started to get annoyed by the same actions her child was doing.

So what do you do. Do you keep going on or now try and tell her what her child was doing. I thought nah why stop here and might as well carry on a little. So I decided then to just act a little bit more childish at which time this mother did snap and yelled – “STOP THAT”.

After hearing that I only said a few words to her which was – “So your child can do it and it is fine. I do it and suddenly it is a problem. Tell her to shut up or be prepared for this”.

The mother just picked up her child and just walked out.

Ah yes, good times. You ever got annoyed about a random child that no one seems to want to do anything ?

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5 thoughts on “Shut them up

  1. Avarnis

    I voted "Ya"

    It would be nice to have an (unique?) image per post, because it gives you an immediate idea of what the content is about (unless it's horribly random), but if I were in your shoes then I would struggle to find a relevant image for every post…

    On the other hand, this IS the internet, so…

  2. Arjen


    Well, very young children cannot help crying. It's the only way they can alarm the parents that something is amiss.

    But I do agree that the mother's actions in this situation were quite immature, and she got what she deserved. More people should experience being treated like they treat others; it's quite the eye opener.

    1. Snat Post author


      I never had a issue with the kid crying. The issue I had was the mother did not even want to do anything even when others was getting annoyed.

      It is like they all think – Hey, I am more important then all you lot in this room as I have a child so shut up.

  3. Blackstar

    Wow, if I was in your position, I would of probably given a much worse reaction. Parents really do need to be considerate of other people when they bring their children to a public place.

    If they just brush off their child's bad behavior as merely 'a child having fun', then they shouldn't be parents at all.

    I think you did a pretty clever thing there. Totally showed her up as a bad parent and a hypocrite. Good job :-P.

  4. Wild Cat

    lol………. wish I was there to see it!! It must have been hilarious!

    The other day I went to buy some thing in Lidl, they were selling balls at the time, and two girls, they must have been about 7-10 years old were kicking the balls around and bouncing them in the shop and the mother was on the phone talking to some one not giving the slightest fuck about what her kids are doing, the shop assistants are too polite to say anything so I just went over the kids and said (not in a nice way at all 😉 "can you put the balls back please, this is not a playground" and I gave them a nasty look………lol……….. they put the balls back strait away and then stalked me for the rest of my time in there (looking at me from behind the shelves)

    lmao…… it was quite funny……….. and the mother was still on the fucking phone (haha)


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