All the time I wished I could blame Canada

There are many times I wish I could just blame Canada for many of the issues that happen. Lately, many parts of has been a target of DDOS attacks and it always seems to start in Canada.

Also, I got an order for a product that I was selling and someone brought it however the person ended up being a scammer (Asking PayPal to refund, then trying to get me to refund it as well “outside of PayPal”) and the details that were recorded was that the person came from Canada.

Now, that aside and that Canada is a nice place (Or so I hear, still don’t wanna go there 😉 ) but after this, I decided that enough was enough so I decided to look into many ways to block different countries (Not Canada) but other very high-risk places like Iran so I decided to have a look into some solutions and I have found three ways that work the best.

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