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Why we can’t divide by 0

Quite rarely do I ever do anything about mathematics on Tweaked for your Pleasure but today I got e-mailed a question and although I rarely do requests, I figured I might as well ask this.

Basically, the e-mail was as follows:

Hi Matt

just wondered as you are good at maths why i am told 0 divided by anything is not possible. Mind explaing ?


Bad English aside, the answer is below.

The simple answer is because we simply can not define the outcome as we can not decide on any rules that will stick for all inputs. So for example we could have;

  • 1/0 = 5

There is a rule within arithmetic that means and following this rule and what we defined a minute ago that if we do;

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Arabic VS Latin – Round One: Numbers

I am very sorry, but this article was damaged during a database move. I will re-write it soon.

The information within this page shouldn’t be used as research as it is all from memory. Arabic language pack might be needed if you are reading this.

Welcome men, womens and children alike to what the bookies are saying to be a number one fight of the year. In this fight, we have Arabic on the right hand side and Latin on the left hand side.

Without further adue, lets bring them on.

Right Hand SideName: Arabic

Left Hand Side

Name: Latin

Age: DL BC (Natu maximus Notus Balanus)

Todays fight is which is better using maths. So, lets start the fight – Which is better at maths, Arabic or Latin (Roman Numerals).
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