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Saving bandwidth

If you have ever ran a website, you may have ran into the issue in which you have ran out of bandwidth and either you get overcharged like hell or you get cut off. Well, lucky enough there are quite a few ways that you are able to save bandwidth and you can see quite alot of these being applied on Tweaked for your Pleasure. So here are Snat’s tips to being a cheap arse and saving bandwidth.


This goes without saying. Use compression. If you are using a major CMS or forum script, chances are you are able to just setup compression within the control panel. All you have to do is setup compression (such as gzip) and it will help you save bandwidth quite alot. There is a trade off in that this will use more CPU usage which may piss your web host off but in most cases it won’t.
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ReactOS – Just how good are you right now ?

As of writting this blog post that ReactOS is in 0.3.6 (Alpha) and already, it looks like it will become a good operating system. The reason I will call it a good operating system is the fact that it is an open source clone of Windows. Now, I ain’t one to like Windows but lets face it, most people use it so it is good for something and it is about time someone decided to clone it.
If everything goes well then ReactOS might even replace Windows one day but enough about a time today, lets focus on the now. ReactOS is being designed so that ultimately it will run any Windows Software and hardware. Right now, it is doing an okay job.
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