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And here we are again as promised in Snat’s Top Five Movies. Now I aren’t really much of a gamer but I have owned a few gaming consoles during my time and of course, I have liked certain games over others and as promised that I am going to list them below.

So, let’s start first at number five and work our way down.

#5 – Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX originally released on the PlayStation console and just like the other Final Fantasy games that it starts with a simple plot which then expands into a quite complex plot.FFIX-logo

The game is based around a Princess called Garnet whom escapes from the castle she lives in and joins up with a group of bandits which was trying to kidnap her anyway. Her guard joins her whom does not agree with she is doing but follows anyway as a part of his duty.

Skipping quite a bit of the plot, one of the bandit’s is called Zidane (this is whom the player plays as) has a brother which is working with Garnet’s mother supplying her magical weapons with an intent of betraying her.

Now I am not going to tell much of the plot other than that, but this Final Fantasy game went back to more of its series origin which was based more in medieval times rather than the future (unlike Final Fantasy VII, VIII, XIII) and it is very enjoyable and is worth whatever the price it is to buy it now.

Of course, not everyone has play it and below is a trailer showing what the game is like.


Overall, I would advice to go out and buy it now.

Rating: 10/10

#4 – Ecco the Dolphin: The Defender of the Future

Now if anyone remembers Ecco the Dolphin that you will know it is one hell of a fucking hard game. Ecco the Dolphin originally came out on the Master System but the one I am talking about is the one that originally came out on the Sega Dreamcast. Defender_of_the_Future

Ecco the Dolphin: The Defender of the Future was a very pretty game but it was also a very hard game that in fact hard enough for me to stop playing the game for a while. I only completed the game after I got it got the Sony PlayStation 2 and using a game shark system to skip right up to that boss and surprisingly enough I just happen to worked out how to complete it.

The game is simple to play and it is a very good game – Really, it is. The game is a Sci-Fi based game in which an alien comes to take over earth but is unable to do so due to humans and dolphins being united. So, it decides to rip them apart and thus is able to take over the world.

However the foe (yes, that is the alien name) did not expect Ecco to try to stop it. Like the other Ecco games, it is based on different time zones which allows Ecco to save the day.

Yes, that is pretty much the game. You go though four different time zones and re-unite dolphins and humans by re-gaining an object however you find out that the very last one is held by the foe itself which then brings Ecco to fight the Foe to save earth. Now for those whom may have not played it, the trailer is below.


Get the game today and do not delay !!!

Rating: 10/10

#3 – Devil May Cry 4

Dante is back once again back in an action packed game on the Sony PlayStation 3.250px-DMC4COVER The story is based after Devil May Cry 1 and before Devil May Cry 2 and basically the plot is that Dante is looking into a cult known as The Order of the Sword where they worship Dante’s father.

Now, you would need to play the games to actually understand the plot but basically Dante is a half demon, half human and runs a freelance company known as Devil May Cry.

Now this game series is known to be quite hard and it is known to just repeat itself but yet it is good fun. Now not everyone will like these games as honestly it is just a game in which you beat up demons while collecting new weapons but the fact still stands it is quite fun.

Now I am sure some people will tell me that they found this game really bad or they do not like the look of it and I said that the same when I first looked at Devil May Cry but it is something you need to to play. Now for those whom may have never played it, the trailer is below.


If you own a PlayStation 3 or an XBOX 360, it is worth while buying this game.

Rating: 9/10

#2 – Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2

Once again we go back to the alternate timeline in which World War II Cncra2-win-covernever happened and once again the Allies and the Soviet Union are at each other throats but not over Europe like in the first game but this time within the United States.

This game is an RTS that came out for PC and it is highly fun. Just like the original Command and Conquer: Red Alert that Red Alert 2 is way over the time in terms of game play and is much more fast pace that the other games before it (while the later games just got to a stage in which you can win in minutes if you just rush).

Just like the games before it, this game is a very good multi player via a LAN or via online and does not become boring to play. In the past, I have been able to absorb myself in this game and just play for hours and hours on ends.

Now I will not say much about the plot as there really is not one but look below for the trailer of the game (okay, I know it is the intro but I am too lazy to find am actual trailer) and if you love RTS games, you will love this.


Buy it now.

Rating: 10/10

#1 – Final Fantasy VI

And now we come to my most favourite game of all time. Final Fantasy VI originally came out on the Super Nintendo Gaming System and up to today, is often still seen as one of the best Final Fantasy games made.FinalFantasy6

Final Fantasy VI story is based around a women called Terra whom has no memory of her life and is used by what is known as only as the “Empire”as a magical weapon to gain an Esper hidden within the caves of Narsh. The back story of this game is that many years ago, there was a war known as the War of Magi in which Espers fought against Humans infused with Esper’s power. After the war, the Espers escaped from the world to never been seen again.

While the story is based on Terra and the Esper’s history (spoiler – In which Terra is also a part of) it is pretty much the ONLY Final Fantasy game in which every character has their own story line and background history in which the game actually focuses on.

The main idea of the game starts of with Terra trying to regain her memory and in the process, she joins up with Locke and others and becomes a part of an anti-empire join. Now I will not explain anymore then that as honestly, it would give the game away incase you have never played it before but this is pretty much the only game I would not mind starting over and over due to how good this game actually is.

Now, I would show a trailer of the game but to be honest, there is not really any trailer that I can show you. So instead, I am going to show you the introduction video that was added to the PlayStation remake.


Why are you still reading this, go and play it already.

Rating: 10/10 – Naturally

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