VPS.NET: My Review

As I am sure you know, Tweaked for your Pleasure is hosted on a few nodes at vps.net. While it is sad to say that originally my experiences at VPS.NET was okay, I ended up leaving them due to their SAN issues.

However a while back I was sent an email about their discounted nodes and I have to say, vps.net itself has improved big time. Not only do the SAN issues seem to have gone (at least on the London clouds) but support itself seems to have improved.

My current setup with vps.net is running the latest CentOS image (others you can use such as Debian) and their free licence for ISPManager. With VPS.NET you can get a free ISPManager licence (I think it is the Pro Edition) which I warn you now, does not work well on Debian and if you are going to pick that license then make sure to select CentOS as your operating system.

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Public Transport: For when you want to get pissed off

lonely house on grassy meadow
Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on Pexels.com

So many years ago (too lazy to research) the HM Government brought in a public bus transport and other transport systems so that the whole public can get around the whole country such as going to work, college and so fore, for a fee of course.

Before I get onto the actual rant, I am just going to talk about the most useless transport in England – The London Underground. Fuck sake is all I can say about that. Basically what you do is get a ticket and you can go to another station and at times you have to keep switching undergrounds to get to where you want to go.

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