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Why its important to learn

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lazy Learners.”

Totally not sitting on a table.

Totally not sitting on a table.

So I was reading the Daily Prompt earlier this morning after finding it on a website I read quite often (am hoping to update Tweaked for your Pleasure quite a bit more) and saw something that caught my eye – being lazy about learning. 

Its kinda funny as it’s the reason one of the planned video series I was going to bring out on Playing Games with Snat which was about exploring glitches that exist in games and what you can do with it. So an example I had in mind was exploring a game like Final Fantasy VI (which would have been the first one) and then show all the known glitches in it and how you can abuse it in both to break your game and for benefits when it comes to playing it.