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Pacific Rim Review

Pacific Rim

A film about giant robots beating up aliens … and it worked.

When I first heard about this film from my brother I originally thought it would be okay at best and surprisingly the film surprised me on how good it was. The film is about a “war” that is happening between humanity and what they call “Kaiju”.

When people first fight them they basically go all out and although they win they learn they need to create a new weapon and this weapon, the Jaeger, is what the film is about – a bunch of Jaegers and Kaiju beating each other up and to cancel the up and coming apocalypse of humanity.

… so we survived Doomsday 2012

... so we survived

If you are reading this then you have access to the World Wide Web so listen up. We are the last few of the human race that has survived just like the Mayan said would happen. As you know either a black hole, the Sun blew up, Planet X hit us, zombies has returned, Jesus is here or the Internet isn’t working and civilization is on the edge of dying completely.

So the first thing you got to remember is to find a place to stay. Remember the most important thing to find is to get access to the World Wide Web so you can post online that you survived. The second thing is to want to make sure you take as many photos as you can of any weapons, any food caches you have online so people know it is safe to come to you.

Happy Birthday Jesus


Jesus of Nazareth

It is that time of the year again that the Catholic Church decided was your birthday. As I am sure you know today is Jesus of Nazareth birthday which was hand-picked to phased out a certain pagan holiday. To many around the world Jesus was the son of G’d, others believes he was just a Jewish Rabbi spreading the law of Noah, others just thinks he was a normal man, others does not believe he ever existed – but regardless who you was it is your birthday.

As I am sure you know Jesus is a central figure within Christianity and Christians views him as the Messiah that is foretold within the Tanakh that was born in roughly c. 5 BCE and died roughly in c. 30 CE (or AD if you prefer) and Christians believe he is the son of G’d. Christians also believe he provided salvation and reconciliation with G’d to the whole of mankind by dying for their sins and then ultimately raising himself from the dead. Oh and he is important to the Islamic faith but no one really gives a shit about them.