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As you may know, I have a e-mail address that people seems to think they can actually contact me but it is actually very rarely do I check that inbox. Regardless I actually saw a message which made be think a tiny bit. It went as following.

Hi Snat

i am trying to block the ad on your website but when I do so no youtube video works on this website. can you help me ?

That e-mail made me think. In a way, this user is actually stealing from me. Think about it for a minute. I use Google Adsense to fund the hosting that Tweaked for your Pleasure uses and that by using this website you agree that you will view the ads. Now I don’t mean you have to actually visit those websites but I just mean that they have to be on the website.

By using a ad blocker, you are getting rid of the Google Adsense on Tweaked for your Pleasure that funds the website and your enjoyment. If all my users was to block the Google Adsense over night that it would be very unlikely this website would stay online and naturally these people will be disappointed.

Now if you think about if everyone in the world just blocked all types of ads that overnight we would see alot of websites die. Not only that but we would see alot of webhosts as the websites they host relies on ads to be able to earn money to pay for the hosting. After that we would see alot of datacenters go bust due to webhosts no longer needing to host servers. We will then see all those support staff go but further more alot of computing companies like DELL etc may go out of business and most of their business is actually dealt towards the likes of datacenters.

So really – is it to much to ask for people NOT to block the ads that allows the person to view FREE content on the World Wide Web or do users have a right to block ads they do not want to see ?

5 thoughts on “Stealing content online

  1. Popmanw

    Adverts should not be blocked. Ads are an important aspect in the web world but the biggest question is, why would you want to go into all that trouble just to block an ad? If you feel that way, just ignore the advert.

    These antivirus programs that can block ads are not very good as they also end up blocking required content such as normal banners, popups for login etc.

    I think in this day and age, the majority of people don't click ad links because they know it just goes to some place wanting something. But the point is, ads should remain visible for the hits rating.

  2. Blackstar

    Normal ads that are embedded to websites don't bother me at all. I mean, if you don't want them to bother you, don't click them, simple.

    But pop-up ads that are shoved in you face just by visiting a site? I do find quite irritating and I use a blocker for that.

    1. Snat Post author


      But yet, how is this any different in actual real life. I can go to a shop and yes, some random person will start to try and sell me stuff.

      Thing is, those websites needs to use pop ups to earn money in order to run the website. Think of it this way and we will use Facebook. If Facebook stopped all their ads, would you pay for every page that you access on that website ?

      The greatest thing about the world wide web is that alot of the content is free, but that is only because of the ads that funds it.

      Do you agree that by blocking these ads, we may see the world wide web turn into a paid model rather then as it is now.

      1. Blackstar

        @Snat, Yes, we may have to pay for it in future, but if that's the way the world is going then that's it.

        More and more people are starting to block ads without knowing because browsers are having blockers implemented automatically. Sooner or later, only a handful of people will still browse the net without a blocker simply because they are either aware of what may happen if they use one, or they don't know how to use one.

        Either way, its sad to say but one person alone can't make much of a difference. We're not all a hive mind and we all have different preferences and opinions.

  3. Aaron Healey

    Hi Snat,

    Well to me it depends as i have used a website before called and its a Pool / snoooker / classic games to play other people around the world to get points/ratings etc to be the best but if you dont pay for the subscribrition you get ADS but thing with these ads it makes the game play VERY SLOW, so alot of people block the ads so they can enjoy the fun of the site, But people that dont pay for it they have several reasons its because Site is never updated theres no new changes nothing people cheat/swear and not all moderators chase up on it so the site has gone down here.

    But i do agree if you go on a site that has ads DO NOT BLOCK THEM like yor site it doesnt make the site go any slower, but on it does so you cant really play so they suck you in so you pay for it.

    I may do few wrong things on the net lol but blocking ads i dont see the point in it 🙂 cause the sites you love have ads for reasons to keep there sites UP and pay for the costs of there hosting etc.




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