Just give me the yellow hedgehog

Super Sonic

Super Sonic

Many years ago, back in the year 1991 or something like that we all saw the birth of the gaming series called “Sonic the hedgehog” from Sega and it all blew our minds. The game was simple as all you did was just run around in a 2D level collecting the Chaos Emeralds (if you wanted) and then just hit Dr. Robotnik (aka, Eggman) 8 times who then turns red and flies off.

Come on, it really is that simple. It was very fun and it was a game you just wanted to play for hours. On seeing this success, Sega decided to release Sonic 2. This game brought in what I would say is two important “new features” that runs to this very day.

The first is Miles “Tails” Power. Tails is a two tailed fox which basically just runs around getting hit, falling off and basically just randomly dies regardless on anything that you that you do to try to save him. Tails was controllable by using a second controller at which time he suddenly become a bit less useless as he could go and collect rings while Sonic just runs off and leave him behind. Tails would then fly right at you like some crazy missile at which time Sonic wonders where the hell his live went wrong.

But the most important and best part of the series was something known as debug …. I mean ring cheat … I mean Super Sonic. Okay I will not lie, half the time when I would just play this game I would ask my brother to put in the debug cheat and Super Sonic cheat so I could just randomly run around as Super Sonic for an hour or so.

In the game Super Sonic was a super form (well duh) of Sonic after collecting the seven Chaos Emeralds and then gaining 50 rings. Super Sonic was really fast and unstoppable and had a really nice habit of running to fast off the screen and into a random pit that you was unable to get out off. Oh yeah, Super Sonic can pretty much jump the level and in boss battles you could just stand there half the time and Dr. Robotnik would randomly kill himself.

Sure Sonic 2 has many bugs, you could jump through walls if you was careful enough but Sega saw this success and then went, hang on lets improve on this and then did.

Sonic 3 took what Sonic 2 was good at and carried on its story. Oh yes the story. First we will start with Sonic 2 story. You basically are getting on board the Death Egg for some reason and beating up Dr. Robotnik. In Sonic 3, you escape from the Death Egg and go to an island called the Angel Island (or floating island depending how high you was playing it) at which time Knuckles hits you and steals the Chaos Emeralds forcing you once again to lose the best part of the Sonic games and re-collect them.

Sure this was fun but Sonic 3 was a bit short. In fact I would say way to short. In light of this Sega then made a second part called Sonic & Knuckles. This followed the story on (or lack off) and you got the chance to get the Super Emeralds. This allowed you to go Hyper Sonic (at which time you really hope you do not suffer from epileptic fits. Ah yes, the days where no one cared), or Super Tails (my favorite as random birds kills everything for you. I am not making this up) and some gay looking pink Knuckles that now flashes and do not really do anything else.

Sega then made other games which I am not listing here. When Sega made the Dreamcast, they decided that one of the best games to release was another Sonic game called Sonic Adventure. While this was a good game there was a few “flaws”. First was the fact there was a story (which ain’t really bad) but I am sure the meeting they had went something like this.

Sega Guy 1: People like stories let’s have one.

Sega Guy 2: Ya and everyone loves the Chaos Emeralds, lets give them to the bad guy.

Sega Guy 1: Ya, very good. Oh you know what is even better. Lets not give them to the player until the end.

Sega Guy 2: Oh right so people gets worked up waiting to see Super Sonic

Sega Guy 3: But people liked running around as Super Saiyan… Super Sonic.

Sega Guy 1: WE ARE SEGA

Sega Guy 2: One last thing. People love virtual pets so lets add Chao demands all your time and random dies when they become any good.

Sega Guy 1: I LIKE THIS.

From then on, it went down hill. The second game, Sonic Adventure 2 was a good story but once again you did not get Super Sonic until the end which was annoying. From here on Sega then went on to make spins off called Shadow the Hedgehog (giving a black hedgehog a gun. Umm, I wonder why) and other random games that really did suck.

When it seems Sega nearly fucked up completely with Sonic that they released … more shit games. More WITHOUT SUPER SONIC. Us fans would be so forgiven if you just give us Super Sonic. It is like a shit Final Fantasy game that as long as Nobou does the music we would at least say, well it was not that bad.

But then in the year 2009/2010 down from the heavens that we heard a rumor. This rumor was that Super Sonic really stolen from Dragonball Z … oh wait, I mean the other rumor. It was within these years we heard of Sonic 4 plays exactly like the originals with the same game play and so for.

Most importantly however rumors says that Super Sonic is actually playable in it during the main game.

So I will end with this last note. You can create a random story line if you want. You can create it with B rated voice actors if you want. All I want is two zones, Dr Robotnik at the end of the second zone and g-d dam Super Sonic !!!

Oh before anyone actually comments on this. Super Sonic was not based on Super Saiyans. If you really want to see someone copying Dragonball Z’s Super Saiyans then Google: Breath of Fire 3 Kaiser.

Super Sonic and Super Saiyans are both based on an old Japanese legend of a golden hair warrior. It just happened that the creator of Sonic was a fan of Dragonball Z.

Oh wait.

10 thoughts on “Just give me the yellow hedgehog

  1. Snat Post author

    This is pretty much all we did for hours on end.

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    1. Blackstar


      For some odd reason, whenever I did the transporter thing on a 1P level (using debug mode), my mega drive would just crash lol.

      1. kaiser


        Really it just crashed, that's very weird every emulator i've tried it on (this also varies computer specs from p1 65meg ram to core duo processors) it has never crashed once for me (only crashes when you hit an object not compatible with the game that's when the game gets real screwed up but cool to see and do).

        On top of that when I was shown this cheat at a friend house and when I showed others it never crashed once (this was using a sega genesis back then and not emulator) we even went stupid on the item supply (making at least 50 of each item nearly, the only thing that will happen is that the game would be extremely slow until the console responded)

        So when you say it crashed when you hit a teleport in 1p mode, well it's very hard to believe that is true.

      2. Blackstar


        What can I say? That is what happened when I did it. It was 18 odd years ago when I did this so my memory is a bit hazy, it might of been caused by something else. The mega drive I used at the time didn't last long either (replaced it a year later when it broke), so it might of been faulty or something.

        When I got the replacement a year later, My dad told me never to use that transporter thing again lol.

  2. Popmanw

    Although I was a Nintendo fanboy back in those days, I still respect the originality of the old 2D classics, whether it is Nintendo or Sega. Back then, it was all Mario vs. Sonic. Nowadays, Sonic and Mario are on the same console and even in some of the same games.

    What is important about the late 80s and early 90s was not the stories (Sonic smashing someone 8 times and Mario rescuing a princess who repeatedly gets kidnapped), it was more gameplay. Mario took gaming to the next level and started home console side scrollers. Sonic took the scroll aspect and added improved visuals and features. Those were the good old gaming days.

    To this very day, I think Nintendo and Sega are the only companies in console gaming that focus on gameplay more than storylines and graphics. Nobody really cares why Mario and Sonic need to do what they do, you just do it without questions 😀

    1. Snat Post author


      Do not really care about the story, I just miss the fact Super Sonic is no longer playable in many of the newer games. Although Sonic 4 may be different if what is rumored turns out to be true …

  3. Arjen

    Heh… sadly I have no good memories of Sonic to share, as I too was mostly with the big N.

    Still, it pains any gamer to see the Sonic franchise’s run downhill; I too vouch for a return to all that the fans loved about it in Sonic 4. I hear that the fans are not too happy about Sonic 4, though… “looks too slow”, they say.

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