Going to say this once … REALLY.

Two or maybe three months and already I am being spammed to hell. How the hell people keep getting my personal e-mail address but everyday I will get a flood of e-mails saying how I am going to die unless I e-mail 100 people within an hour or something like that but seeing I do not have that many contacts, posting them here will work … right ?

Let the bullshit begin.

Ghost Under the Bed

Subject: Fwd: FW: Fwd: Fw: Read before opening picture

This photo was taken in a hospital after the patient in the bed was in an accident where he was responsible for a young woman’s death.

It is said that when you receive this image and do not send it to at east five people, the woman will look for you during the night to collect your soul.


A couple in a western suburb area of Sydney received the message and deleted the picture without sending it to at least five people. This couple was murdered by their 15 year old neighbor who claims to have been possessed by the woman. A 28 year old woman in Whittlesay Road, Cambridgeshire, England, was run down by a car driven by another female that fit the description of the woman in the photograph, the police investigation revealed that the murdered lady had received this picture only 4 hours before her untimely death and did not pass it on to at least 5 people.

Wow to think that this women actually could have possibly at least killed four people that forward this e-mail originally. Yes, we have all seen this mass e-mail so who cares because I do not but basically some bitch will kill you if you do not send this e-mail to five people.

Simple reason – she is a attention whore, why else ?

Oh by the way, Google – Bankok Haunted 2: The Unborn and you may notice something “common” with that picture.

Mobile Phone Brain Hack

Hi All,

Its very important news for all of you. Do not pick up calls from the Under given numbers.

9876715587 ,
These numbers will come in red color, if the call comes up from these numbers. Its with very high wave length, and frequency. If a call is received on mobile from these numbers, it creates a very high frequency and it causes brain ham range.

It’s not a joke rather, its TRUE. 27 persons died just on receiving calls from these numbers. Watch Aaj Tak (NEWS), DD News and IBN 7.

Forward this message to all u’r friends and colleagues, and relative

This one is actually quite funny to read for a second. Basically how it works is somehow by a certain phone ringing you it can completely change the firmware on your phone and change the text to red. However if your phone actually did show all the numbers in red anyway then I am guess you are fucked.

And the rest of article follows here

So ya, I do get quite some bullshit sent to me and I know people will not stop doing so and regardless of me blacklisting their IP addresses, e-mail addresses somehow you lot just find more ways to spam me.

Now I am sure you actually had the same done to you so I decided would it not be fun if we actually send a reply back to the sender with this personalise message.


Right then, that’s my little rant for today. Oh right, the meaning of this article. Well the meaning of this article is to STOP SPAMMING ME.

5 thoughts on “Going to say this once … REALLY.

  1. Arjen

    Heh! I know how you feel, man. Those so-called 'chain mails'… if they were true, then a lot of people would be rich and a lot of people would be mysteriously killed by ghosts and whatever.

    The only chain mail I received that I liked was one about how sutpid chain mails are. Oh, the irony! 😛

    The worst thing is that even YouTube has comments similar to these kinds of spam mails… wish people would cut it out with superstition and lies.

    1. Snat Post author


      Ya. I feel sorry for that nine year girl that hasn't grown up in years whom has had over 100 ish kidney transplants.

      And g-d knows how many secret uncles has died lately and have cash they want to doante to some random guy in exchange for a cut.

  2. Avarnis

    OK, so I think what we all need to take away from this is that we should be careful about which calls we answer lest we want to suffer brain "ham ranges".

  3. Popmanw

    Haha ruddy chain mail.

    Talking about spam, I keep getting Live Messenger invitations from Chinese people and other names you cannot read. So annoying now. 29 invites this week! Plus it emails you.

    Make spam a legal offence under the abuse of others tools and services with intent on disrupting these services.


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