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My time as a hosting provider

There is no client data there – its the old package page.

With summer coming up at the time of writing this article I am noticing on communities such as Lowendbox that a lot of web hosts are appearing out of nowhere and it reminded me of my experiences, successes and failures in running my own web hosting and I figured my experience would be an interesting read for those that may be thinking of doing the same.

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When its time to switch channels?

They need a move video feature ...

They need a move video feature …

I’m sure quite a few people who still reads Tweaked for your Pleasure is aware I have a YouTube channel where I used to upload a couple of rants about stuff, some product reviews but I’m sure you may have noticed it turned into a gaming channel.

Now not that there is anything wrong with creating a gaming channel as I do enjoy making the videos but at the same time I kinda caused an issue where the fans of my original videos are now being bombed with videos related to gaming that they are not interested in.

Which comes to my question – when is it actually best to split content from YouTube channels and secondly how to go about doing that. From what I see with the stats I have on YouTube my Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure (and old Snat’s vBlog)  outweigh the views I have on Playing Games with Snat.

Even with that in mind YouTube does not offer a feature where it lets you switch videos between different sub-accounts so in order to re-upload them I would need to either upload the originals and delete the old ones or if I do not have the originals anymore download them from YouTube and then reupload and I’m guessing I must have over 80-100 gaming videos I would need to do it too?

For those who has done something alike; did you notice any changes with the people viewing your videos and was it worth it. From what I see from Playing Games with Snat that they would easily get the same amount of views again in time and the comments and likes won’t cause the end of the world but I’m just wondering if its worth the effort.

Eh, suppose I should get started as I really do want to get Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure again but I do not want to mix it up with my gaming videos even if they are all done by me.