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The yellow belt

Published on 11th May 2011 – 7 Iyyar 5771. Last updated on May 11, 2011.

I am sure many of you know I have done so many martial arts within the past so I figured rather than talking about depressing matters, things in the news, politics or face rapping Xenomorphs I figured I would do a light-hearted article.

This story dates back to when I was younger when I studied a martial art known as Tae Kwon Do from a local school. Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art that has a few core focuses and had a grading system that worked like this.

  • White
  • White (Yellow Tag)
  • Yellow
  • Yellow (Green Tag)
  • Green
  • Green (Blue Tag)
  • Blue
  • Blue (Red Tag)
  • Red
  • Red (Black Tag)
  • Black (& dans)
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Who gives a shit ?

Published on 29th April 2011 – 25 Nisan 5771. Last updated on April 29, 2011.

Yawn, here we go again. Back in the end of March, I had some people saying am I going to be doing any special contests, articles or whatever for the “Royal Wedding”. Well I am doing a special article and a special meeting to the “wonderful couple” who are being married at Westminster Abbey at some point today – I do not give two shits.

I have read in papers that the world” will be watching that date and all that crap but really you are telling me that everyone in the world – let alone 3/4 of all nations in the world cares ?
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Lighttpd and JetPack

Published on 12th March 2011 – 7 Adar II 5771. Last updated on March 12, 2011.

As you may have heard, the creators of WordPress has created a new plugin called JetPack. While I will not explain it as the link to the left will explain it far more easy then me (although this link is a good place to start with: Jetpack to the WP.com Cloud) , I am posting about how it may have issues with Lighttpd.

When it first came out I decided to give it a try and it never worked. Posted on Twitter and people advised about disabling cache software like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. Either way, it never worked. The next thing was to disable CloudFlare which also never worked.
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Unlimited hosting does not exist

Published on 13th July 2010 – 2 Av 5770. Last updated on July 13, 2010.

Web hosting is very important if you want to get a website hosting as it is this that allows people to host a website in the first place. Many years ago you was able to get a web host for about £5 a month which given you something like 500MB hard drive space and maybe 2GB data transfer.

Over the years that bandwidth and hardware got cheaper and cheaper and it got to a point in which people started to offer things like 10GB hard drive space, 100GB data transfer for around the same price of £5 a month.

However it did not stop then. Finally some people started to offer unlimited web hosting. Basically what this means is you can use as much data transfer you like, hard drive space you like for just a low price of something like £3 a month (I am sure if you shop around, you can find it for $1.00 a year).
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Is Internet included with that ?

Published on 21st May 2010 – 9 Sivan 5770. Last updated on May 21, 2010.

Ahh yes the Internet. One of the first things I do as soon as I sign online is turn on my computer and then connect to the wireless network. After that I fire up my mail client and wait for all my e-mails to download. After that, I then go and check a few news feed and a few of my websites such as comments for Tweaked for your Pleasure, new questions on Ask a Jew, new submissions on Submit for your Pleasure and a few other websites.

After that is done I would let Windows Live Messenger sign and then wonder of to do something else (during this time, people send me tons of messages which I never will see). Now this article is not about how I actually start my morning but rather that I am sure most people here would agree with me that the Internet forms such as major part of their lives and likely could not function without it.

Now everyone is aware that I am able to be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week if I wanted to be but the question I bring is why should I be. Lets take a few people that heard I actually finally got a working phone sorted and guess what the first thing they wanted to know, that is right, was that they wanted to know my number so they could contact me at any time of the day at any hour for whatever reason they wanted and this applies the same to the Internet.

As soon as I talk about signing off, every one suddenly starts to moan (actually, I can only think of THREE people on my contact lists that does not moan when I sign off and that is it) and basically they all are saying the same thing – because I COULD be online that I should be online and spend all my time chatting to them online.

Throwing another example, most people on my contact lists expects that as soon as I turn on my computer or laptop that I suddenly must get on Windows Live Messenger and then chat to everyone regardless if I am actually busy or whatever reason I have not to sign on. In fact I would know to know how many will get pissed off when I say that I actually just appear offline half the time when I am using a computer.

The point of this article is simple. Just because you can be online, does not mean you have to be. Just because I could be signed on Windows Live Messenger all the times, does not mean you have to be.

There is a reason e-mail was created and used on the Internet for. If you have something to want to say to me and I am not online that you do not bitch about it when I sign online and suddenly start spamming me but you e-mail me and WAIT until I actually reply to it.