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Another one bite the dusts

For my more loyal readers, you are likely aware that in the year 2008 I wrote an article called “Reasons why you shouldn’t use a free forum host” which outlined a few problems with using a free forum host. While it was not my best written work (is any ?) it did explain that if you was to use a free forum host then make sure to keep backups if you can.

A few days ago I learnt that IPBFree went off-line suddenly and so many forum administrators have now finally lost their forums and likely had no backups what so ever. Searching around, all I can see about what happened was that IPBFree was taken off-line relating to DMCA matters which does not surprise me as IPBFree was a forum service filled with warez forums.
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The dawn of new webmasters

Every New Year is seen by many as a new chance to do things they wanted to do or something like that but sadly I do not see it like that. I see that every new year, technology is getting better and better.

Sure, some will see this as a good thing but every year more and more people are getting online. Now this is not a bad thing at all, but everyday I see a new website open up within the hour. Now, I am not saying it is a bad thing in itself people opening websites but what has happened to the days when it took days to even get things online ?

I remember the days when it took ages to write up a few HTML pages and it took even longer for the modem to dial up to your ISP and when it finally did it would be so slow that it took ages to even upload. I recall the days when in order to get a website like this (and originally I did the following to get it up and working) that you had to download a script like WordPress which back then would have taken you 40-60 minutes to download and then you extracted it all. After that, you would have filled in all the MySQL detail but back then you would not have had all these control panels that does it all for you but rather you had to make the database yourself.

Once you done all that, you then had to upload it all to your web space. Back then, hosting was not like it is now. Finding a web host was hard as you had to look for one that supported PHP and whatever you needed and the likes of 5GB HDD space back then was nearly impossible to find. Now, you have everyone offering free hosting to anyone that may need it. Free hosting today is honestly much better then it was in the past. In the past, you would have likely went with a free host that went down so often that you would not believe it. Now most free host (well, at least those that supports themselves) are giving a service that is comparing to paid hosting. While this article will not get into that now, I am sure I will do one about it later).

Then uploading the files was annoying. You would have to start your upload and wait a few hours as it slowly uploaded each file one by one using FTP (or in some cases a file manager). Now, I can get WordPress installed within 5 minutes if I am using an online installer script or 10 minutes if I have to download/upload the actual files myself. These days, anyone is able to call themselves a webmaster by just uploading a couple of files and blam – an instant website.

But none of this is bad. Services like WordPress, Blogger, 000webhost, Ultima Development Laboratories, InvisionFree and Forumer offers anybody to be able to put their beliefs and their thoughts onto the Internet for free and is not the Internet all about a free and open commutation network ?

Or do I just miss being able to charge people £10 for a CMS installation.

Reasons to use a free forum host

This is the second post of the “free forum host” series. You can find the post – “Reasons not to use a forum host” here.

I can honestly say that everybody has seen what a forum is. Most people would have used one and some would have owned one. There was a time where setting up forums was a long process and costly but due to technology, this is no longer the case.

Free forum hosting has been around for a long while now. Personally, the last time I actually used a free forum host for an actual reason other then to see how well a service is, must have been around 2-4 years now.

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