I would rather drink acid …

Pepsi Raw

So the other day I was in town and only had a small amount of change on me and I really wanted a drink. Going into a new store that opened up, I saw they was selling Pepsi’s at 45p, 15p more then what I had in change. It was then I notice something else I have never seen before – Pepsi Raw.

Thinking that it would be a cheapish version of Pepsi and would taste something like Pepsi Max but I could have not been more wrong. The drink itself is some “natural” only product and tastes a lot like that ginger drink not many people actually likes. Now when I read up about it everyone kept saying about how it taste just like Pepsi but with a natural taste but I ask you this, how the hell can it taste like Pepsi but with a “natural” feel ?

That is just like me saying that drinking acid is just like drinking water but with a “unnatural” feel. But anyway, many kept saying about how it tastes like Pepsi but to me that it taste NOTHING like that and even now if I am going to need a drink I will be sure that if the only two options was acid and Pepsi Raw that I will take my chance with acid.

Only thing left to say about Pepsi Raw – Yuck !

7 thoughts on “I would rather drink acid …

  1. Blackstar

    I also tried the stuff recently. It tasted awful to me too, although it might of been due to having a bad cold.

    To be honest, I'm more of a Coca-Cola man. The only times when I have Pepsi at all is when I have KFC :p

    1. Snat Post author


      Nah, your cold actually made it better then it is.

      Although, I have heard people actually likes it and it taste like apples. Now they came up with that view, I dunno.

  2. Popmanw

    I never heard of that drink before. The CO-OP where I work maybe wont get the delights such as 'natural' Pepsi 🙂

    What is it with this world?

  3. Arjen

    Umm… wow. That bad? I have never tasted the drink before myself, or even seen it… but "raw"? Isn't the whole point of a drink to have refined, "unnatural" ingredients? Otherwise, you could drink nothing else but fruit juice and water.

    1. Snat Post author


      Ya, it is that bad. Although some people I have spoken to loves it. Then again, those exact same people are the same as who cares about the environment etc etc … hang on, hippies must be the ones that love this drink.

      Right ….. right ?


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