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Potty Council

As much as everyone else in the United Kingdom, I completely love the HM Government* and this I also love our local councils but sometimes I really do wonder if they make choices based on a few illogical choices made while high while dancing around in a room naked while summoning some dark lord dolphin to random decide what they should do … or something like that.

Basically where I live the main road that is actually used here was damaged with tons of pot holes that I feel sorry for anyone that tries to ride a motorcycle on that road.

After the local council decided to spend a few million of pounds to change what is basically two roads (it was a market place) so that there is less free parking place for some really odd reason when there is a lack of free parking in the town to start with. Anyway after this was approved in the local town, they decided to go ahead with the pot hole repairs.
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Don’t blame me for my son Matt

I honestly dunno how many times I have heard this excuse (and yes, I am using MYSELF in a real life example from the past);

“Your child is failing English”

“Oh is there anything I can do ?”

“No, your child has ADD and there is little you can do”

“Fair enough, give my child tons of drugs and see what happens”

When will parents grow up and see that labeling your child with ADD will not make everything go away and honestly, it makes you look like very bad parents. Now, I know someone will ADD will say something like “But its true, I have ADD – lol” and I will save you the time, SO DO I.
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