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My experience with Windows 10 Gaming Mode

Everything in this article is going to be heresay as I am not providing screenshots of before and after or video footage but simply will be speaking about my experiences from what I notice. Take it with a grain of salt Рyour milage will vary.

A short while ago there has been a new update for Windows 10 which brings a couple of features (Download Windows 10 Update) such as the new Dark Mode (Microsoft’s version of F.lux), a new picture editor and the one we will be discussing today which is the gaming mode.

The idea of a gaming mode has existed for ages and I can list a bunch of software that has already tried this such as CPUCores and works by either limiting what CPUs in your system does what or by changing how many processes are running which is how Windows 10 Gaming Mode deals with it – it stops processes that ain’t “vital” and designates¬†more CPU time to your games.