Once again, not for sale.

If you are someone that is checking Snat.co.uk in the hopes that you would be able to find out the domain control panel details for Snat.co.uk then sadly you have been screwed. A few weeks back I wrote an article called “Not for Sale” explaining about that a person called “Jonny” which tried to sell Snat.co.uk.

Well basically it was interesting for a few weeks but then got really, really boring. Well after quite alot of e-mails from him begging etc to try and get this domain from me, he then decided to try many other things. Anyway seeing he had failed and unable to get the domain from me has now seems to try and either annoy me or something as he has now started to “sell” Snat.co.uk on forums across the Internet.

From what I have seen is that he sells for it $80 via PayPal and then says he will hand it over in a few days which naturally never happens. If you have fell for this scam from “Jonny”, do a charge back on his PayPal account and tell me as I will give ownership proof to PayPal so hopefully you can get your money back.

I have already contact forum owners that I see the threads on and most have already removed the topic so others may not be scammed by it but common practice when buying a domain is to contact the person listed in the whois details and also admin@domain you are thinking about buying and see if they know about it.

Common sense people. If you been scammed, let me know in the comments below and we can see what we can do against this “Jonny”.

Publish on April 29th, 2010 by Matthew Ellis (Snat).

Edited on June 5, 2012.

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