Sonic Superstars: My Review

Sonic Superstars

Ah, Sonic. A game series that I have a soft spot for for no real reason as the games themselves lately kinda suck. With that said when I heard about Sonic Superstars I was quite happy and eager to play it and this is my review after playing it. This review is spoiler-heavy.

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Basic hangman game

Python code for a basic hang man game. The picture shows the code in Visual Studio Code.

There isn’t much to say about this but I coded a basic hangman game to demonstrate comparing variables and while I will never do anything with this code I thought it might be kinda cool to pop it on GitHub in case it helps anyone else and I finally have something to put on the STEM section of this website!

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Google Workspace and Google Pay


Much like quite a few people, I signed up for Google Apps for Your Domains which then became Google Suite and then finally to Google Workspace as they started to remove users. I was moved to a plan called “G Suite legacy free edition” which I am still using to this day but like many others, I seem limited to what I can do.

One of these limitations is Google Pay and after doing some research I have found quite a few people claim it works and others say it doesn’t and every time I tried to change settings I was unable to get Google Wallet to work. With this in mind, this article is a guide on what you can try to get it working.

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It is only 80p

It Is Only 80p

It is sad how often I will order a takeaway and something will be missing. Sometimes it will be some chicken that is missing, a bottle or drink or even something as simple as missing cheese which is something that pisses me off. I placed an order at the one single takeaway that delivers to … Read more

Why e-bike laws are stupid

Img 20230707 144649

When it comes to the United Kingdom there is a ton wrong with it which mostly boils down to the shittest corrupted politicians we have had in a long while but one set of laws that is dumb and needs discussing is e-bike laws. It is worth saying before we carry on that scooters should be legal (but kept at the same speed limits as mobility scooters) but that’s a rant for another day. It is also worth saying this rant does not discuss insurance or taxes as while I do believe there should be no taxes I do think insurance is worth having – something I also think should apply to everything such as mobility scooters.

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No, that is MY bike

That's My Bike

I have had one of the weirdest experiences and I can’t help but wonder if people just feel much more entitled nowadays compared to many years ago. Setting the scene I was visiting the CO-OP in a local village near me and I took my electric bike (Sheng Milo MX02S: My Review) to get some exercise. It was a nice warm summer day and when I arrived I locked up the bike and put the alarm on and wandered inside.

While I won’t bore you with what I bought, it is worth commenting for this story that the CO-OP has two small tables and a bench just outside where people can sit down and rest for a bit and this is naturally what I wanted to do. The benches are positioned right next to where the bike storage is and walking over where I noticed a woman and a young boy pulling on my bike with the child sitting on my bike.

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