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On this page you are able to see every single cookie that is used on Tweaked for your Pleasure. I have written them below in a simple way as best as I can. When I get further information, I will add them but for now – this should be correct. If I am missing any, please do email me.

Google (3rd Party Cookie)

  • Adsense – Google Adsense is used on Tweaked for your Pleasure in order for the advertising to work. While it seems to have been setup to opt out of cookies due to turning off interest based cookies, I am not sure if they are truly disabled. You can visit Google Adsense Privacy Policy.
  • Analysis: Google Analysis is used on Tweaked for your Pleasure to get to know what type of browsers etc is used to visit the website. No personal date is logged about you.
  • You are able to opt out here and further information here: Google Cookie.

Tweaked for your Pleasure (1rd Party Cookie)

  • Comment (comment_author_ & comment_author_email_) - When you comment on Tweaked for your Pleasure, a cookie is based that is used simply to store the name you used in the comment, the email address you used and the URL you inserted. This cookie is only used for when you next comment on the website. This cookie is set for “roughly” a year and is never, ever used to collect your name or anything like that – it is purely for your convenience and can be safely deleted for any reason you wish.
  • Login (wp-settings) – This cookie is used to check if you are logged into Tweaked for your Pleasure. As you are actually unable to login at all on this website, you should never see this cookie but if you login somehow, you agreed to logging in and accepting this cookie. This cookie last for roughly a year.
  • You are unable to opt out of this as the cookie is only placed if you submit a comment. I am looking on how to disable this feature. (3rd Party Cookie)
  • WordPress Stats (quantserve) – This is used to see if you visited a page and if you did, to just mark it as a visit. It also sees how you visited the website such as from a search engine. While that is all I am able to see, I am not honestly sure what the quantserve  cookie is tracking so this is opt in only. I am finding out the name of the cookie and how long it last for.
  • You are able to opt out here and further information here: Quantserve Cookie.
  • 1st – Cookies set by Tweaked for your Pleasure.
  • 3rd – Cookies set by other websites due to things like embedded JavaScript.

Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2012). List of Cookies. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: [Accessed 26 May 2024].

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