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While I have little interest in actually publishing a history page for Tweaked for your Pleasure, I am going too as some people has asked for this page again. So here we go, well roughly from memory anyway.

Snat’s Blog (2002 / 2005)

Hosted by: CJB.NET, T35 Host

It was during the year 2002 I signed up with a free web host called CJB.NET and started to develop a small website for the first time without the usage of any web design software. What was created was a small “blog” in which I started posting a small amount of rants now and then (you can find these on TFYP Archives) which actually got a nice amount of traffic for reasons I am not really sure off other than guessing things like that was not done much back then.

Anyhow the design was a simple HTML table with an orange header that simply said”Snat’s Blog” and had a white background. The main index itself just had links to the different rants which was just HTML pages. These pages had a white background and nothing else beyond the text.

As the website grew, the need of comments came up and from this Ellisfamily.TK was born (and then All4All Community, JAC.TFYP and then Just a Community – but those are different histories for their own sites.

During the year 2003-4, all data was then moved to CuteNews which finally crashed in early 2005 at which point everything was lost for many years to come and although I do have the restore versions now I have taken down the archive site.

Snat’s Word (2005 / 2007)

Hosted by: T35, Fasthost UK, Saidcom

It was during Snat’s Word in which this website was able to get to what it was best at. During these times was when rants was published which is still published to even this day.

It was during this period of time where the website kicked off and ended up “evolving” into the website you see today. It was during this period of time that the website was hacked roughly two times. The first time it was hacked was by a hacker claiming to be some “Islamic Protection Front” or something on those lines and the second time by someone I do not remember anymore.

During this time All4All Community ( was also growing well but ultimately during the year 2007 All4All Community was closed down and never to be re-opened in any form until 2009.

Tweaked for your Pleasure (2007 / 2010)

Hosted by: BurstNET, FDCServers

It was during this time quite a few things happened to the website. The first thing was a new look which was nice and simple. The second thing was the adding of new video series after having seen what Wrights Productions could do. The first of this video series was called Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure which was based from Dr. Ashen video from YouTube and this is still on going as of today.

The second video series was known as Snat’s vBlog which went on for a little while but finally stopped due to lack of interest. The next major thing that happened a Hebrew version of Tweaked for your Pleasure was created but sadly due to many issues it has been stopped and started so many times only to come back in the year 2012.

Other things that happened during this period was Just a Community was opened, Submit your Own was finished and all the articles were up to the standard people enjoyed today. This carried on until the formation of TFYP.Network.

Tweaked for your Pleasure (2010 / 2011)

Hosted by: BurstNET, VPS.NET

This part of the website history has been somewhat both liked and hated by fans. The reason for is the merging with Wrights Productions and moving over the video series over to them.

The main thing that happened during this period was the creation of TFYP.Network which merged Tweaked for your Pleasure, Submit your Own, Just a Community and Wrights Productions together into one media website.

This sadly did not work out well in the end and quite a few things happened near the end. The first thing was Just a Community was closed down and later to be re-opened as a community ran Just a Community.

The next thing was Submit your Own was closed down and Wrights Productions was split of again into its own website and took with it Behind the Science. During this period Playing Games with Snat was created and planned but never released for Wrights Productions and would not see the light of day until after TFYP.Network fall apart.

Tweaked for your Pleasure (2011 +)

Hosted by: VPS.NET

Due to Tweaked for your Pleasure and Wrights Productions departing ways, there was an issue relating to design. The issue was they both used the same theme as each other and Wrights Productions preferred to use a blue version of the theme.

So what happened is Wrights Productions kept the new theme but used the Hebrew’s version of the theme and Tweaked for your Pleasure then went back to its original theme before the TFYP.Network to some people’s delight (although the theme was edited to mimic the look of Wrights Productions). The login features was removed and IntenseDebate was once again installed.

Video wise Snat’s vBlog finally closed during this period and Playing Games with Snat was finally released after a very large delay. Another key thing that happened was the creation of TFYP Archive where all the old articles which was not up to the preferred standard of articles was moved too.

And that is the history of Tweaked for your Pleasure in a nut shell. An eagal eye viewer will notice that the theme has change from the screenshot above and this is true. I am simply not going to update the screenshot each time.

Thankful too

  • Patrick Meritt
  • Claire Stevens
  • Richard Lawrence
  • Adam Wright
  • Matthew Quinn
  • Richard Mann
  • Others I have forgotten about

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