Comment Rules and Cookie Agreement

In the ages of starving lawyers, this guideline applies to everyone who writes comments on Tweaked for your Pleasure. Rather then some lengthy legal crap, it is quick – to the point – bullet points.

What you CAN do

  • You may comment anything you want as long as it does not go against anything in the Can’t list.
  • You have freedom of speech on this website, but yet that does not mean you can go around posting shit like hate crime. You may comment on anything and say what you like but do be warned that you may wanna back up your views.
  • You can include images in your comment. Just if you have many or large ones, please include a link. Try not hotlink images and please do not use any you don’t have permission to use.
  • YouTube videos are also fine as long as it brings value to the comment.
  • You have the right to see any comments made under your e-mail address and/or user name. This has to be done by going to my personal website – here and using the contact page. If you sign up, you are already able to see all data about your user name within the options within converge.
  • You can use a false name, nickname or whatever you want to call it to post comments so people do not know it is you. If you feel the need to use this, please do use something like the TOR Network so that even the IP address that is recorded will not match to you.
  • Have meaningful and friendly debates.

What you CAN’T do

  • Spam. Any spam will be removed and your e-mail and IP address will be added to Stop Forum Spam. If you are not sure if your comment is spam or not, high chances are it is.
  • No pure hate speech. If you hate something, back it up why or be prepared to get moaned at by pretty much everyone you hate.
  • No links during your comment. You may include any links at the bottom that helps explain your comment and you may include a link back to your personal blog (if the link is not a personal blog, the link will be removed).
  • No links to direct downloads.
  • You can not post any porn on Tweaked for your Pleasure (unless the article actually is about porn, but then I think you got other things to worry about).
  • Your avatar can not show porn. Now, being a person believing in freedom of choice, I will allow avatars that show nudism (there is a fine difference between nudism and porn). If you are not sure if your avatar is porn or not, it likely is.
  • You can not delete your comment – regardless of the reason or who you are. You may edit it to make sense etc, but the comment will not be deleted.
  • Your name can not be optimized anchors – if I even have a remote feeling you name is a optimized anchors (and you know who are you), your name will be changed to something else picked at random.
  • You can not post your optimized anchors links – really if I see someone posting - “Oh yes I can hope you here at Website name or my cool product” your link your comment will be removed if I deem it as spam.

Ownership of comments

  • Comments are owned by you and you have the right to edit (but not remove).
  • I have the right to show the comment in any form of media. This includes this website, books, TV, Radio or anything else I choice. This will include your name and the comment.
  • You have the right to use whichever name you want in the comments and the right to post using the TOR Network.
  • All comments belong to the submitter. Any comments that goes against my can’t list will be deleted.
  • When you comment on Tweaked for your Pleasure, a cookie is based that is used simply to store the name you used in the comment, the email address you used and the URL you inserted. This cookie is only used for when you next comment on the website. This cookie is set for “roughly” a year and is never, ever used to collect your name or anything like that – it is purely for your convenience and can be safely deleted for any reason you wish.
  • The cookie is called - comment_author_ and comment_author_email_ and is set only when you comment.

Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2010). Comment Rules and Cookie Agreement. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: [Accessed 23 Jul 2024].

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