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Laptops of the past …

As you may have seen yesterday, I wrote up a blog article that compared the Ubisurfer 7 and the Dell Axim x30. Of course, these are not the only systems I have owned (although I never owned the Ubisurfer 7) over the years but sadly I have to say that the Dell Axim x30 is the only system that actually worked for me that is still active.

In the comments Adam Wright (Click here to see comment) said that I did not have any luck with technology of course he is wrong and below I am going to prove it by listing all the laptops (well, not all only the ones that have something “nice”I can say about it) I have/had and what happened to them. Some of the pictures below do not actually match the model I had, but they look just about the same so please do not moan they do not match.
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Netbook VS PDA

Welcome ladies and gentlemen. On your left you have the Ubisurfer Netbook with a one year free GPRS Internet and on your right you have a Dell Axim x30 Pocket PC with no free GPRS Internet. Please be warned the the key information part is based on my views and experience, so do not moan if it is not the same as yours.

So, lets get this fight under away starting with the Ubisurfer in the left hand corner.

Ubisurfer 7

The Ubisurfer 7 is a netbook that does exactly as it says and that is to surf the Internet on. Now, it isn’t a good system to do much on it but to be honest it is a very good system in just browsing the Internet on, use IM clients and on one of the best things about it is that it comes with a free year Internet using Vodafone mobile connection so it is good to use if you are on the go.Ubisurfer 7
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