For your enjoyment, I have posted many common questions I get asked from people to either me or Tweaked for your Pleasure.

1. When did you actually start Tweaked for your Pleasure as I see some articles was posted after 2005 although they are dated 2003.

Tweaked for your Pleasure (or Snat’s Blog as it was called then) was started in the year 2002 using the subdomain snat.cjb.net which is still live to this very day. It was hosted using a free web host I sadly can no longer remember its name and first used static HTML and then a short while later was changed to use CuteNews using the same HTML template. However it got cracked in the year 2005 at which point I then installed WordPress on my own personal servers. At this time, no data was restored and the website was re-opened as Snat’s Blog, then Snat’s and Feritt Blog then M.Ellis and Friends and then ultimately just went back to just updated by me and then called Tweaked for your Pleasure.

In the year 2009 or 2010, I came across my former corrupted CutesNews flat file database and restored it to the TFYP Archive.

2. I see some old articles are written in your newer English style. Explain?

I often edit articles that was published in the past or expand on them.

3. Why isn’t Snat’s vBlog updated often ?

Read this article here – Watching the same shit all over again.

4. What happened to Just a Community?

Read this update here – Former Just a Community.

5. Do you have a privacy policy for cookies?

Yes – click TFYP Privacy Policy.

6. Do you own terra.me.uk ?

I do own terra.me.uk, but I do not run any websites on this domain and it is fully open to the public at afraid.org. You will need to contact Josh at afraid.org in order to get a subdomain taken down.

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7. Is there a history of Tweaked for your Pleasure.

Yes. TFYP History.

8. Why do you remove posts?

This question is hard to explain but I will try anyway. Very rarely is an article deleted from this website but older ones that I feel no longer actually serves the purpose of Tweaked for your Pleasure well and or an article that is well just crap will make it’s way over to the TFYP Archive.

For posts that does not appear on TFYP Archive normally means I no longer agree with the article (rarely) or what happens more often is the article pre-published at the wrong time and it will be back again one day.

9. Why did you split the main site away from the reviews?

While I do enjoy writing the reviews, not everyone likes reading them. Many of my “fans” come to read my rants and not my gaming reviews or whatever it thing I am reviewing of the week. The site is clearly listed with the different things you can read about so enjoy it for what it is.

10. Is your work copyright and I can use it?

Everything on this site is copyright by me unless said otherwise. You are free to use my images as long as the URL is not removed and you cite me currently as the author. Secondly you can use a paragraph of my text on your website as long as you link back to me. Do not be a dick about it, and I will not be dick contacting your web host to get my content removed. If you wish to use my content in any other way, then contact me.

For my videos though, you are not allowed to re-use it in any form without my permission. You are allowed to embed it on your own site though by using YouTube embed only. For the reason, I do not have an issue with people downloading my videos for their own viewing but if you are downloading it so you can re-upload it somewhere else then I have a problem.

However this said if you have a legit reason for wanting to use my videos such as maybe you want to do a video on what different people think about stuff and I happened to do a video rant on it, then do contact me – I am not a dick and quite likely to allow you to do so and even offer a  better version of the video you could download using online tools.

11. Do you think anyone inspired you to write?

Well in a way, yes. While I did originally start the website by myself and writing whatever came to mind, within the year 2007 onward I would say the writings of Maddox (George Ouzounian) has helped me focus more on what I actually want to write about rather then just writing random stuff that appeared in my mind.

Visit The Best Page in the Universe, Maddox’s website.

12. This may sound rude but I hear you give out £5 to people. Is this true?

Well short answer yes. The long answer is a little hidden fact that I do give away a fiver a month to a random person that request it. Click here – Free Fiver for further information.

13. Do you wrote sponsored reviews?

Yep. Click here: TFYP Sponsored Review. If you wish for me to review an item, contact me here TFYP Contact Form.

14. I am sure you are asked this a lot but what is your top 5 Final Fantasy games?

Yep, I get asked this a lot. I am including sequels, they are.

  1. Final Fantasy VI
  2. Final Fantasy XIII (Including Final Fantasy XIII-2)
  3. Final Fantasy IX
  4. Final Fantasy XII
  5. Final Fantasy VII (Including Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus)

15. Some bloggers hide their name. Do you?

A bit of a odd question but no I do not. I have it all posted over my videos and the copyright. In case you are wondering my name is Matthew Ellis although I fail to see why that matters.

16. I heard Snat.co.uk used to be a hentai site. Heck I even accessed this page on a porn site – what gives!

You are correct, the domain Snat.co.uk used to be used for a hentai gallery a short while after I switched this blog to theward.to or something (don’t remember the full domain anymore). The website (named Ultima Hentai) was a free to host gallery and was at the time the only place to find the drawings I myself drew.

As much as I would love to put an archive back online like I did with the fansite, I simply do not have the processor power any more to host such a website (a lot of the “fame” of this website comes because of the fact it was once a hentai site).

However that said with me now including videos I have done on Tweaked for your Pleasure (I am now going to bet you can tell now what the name reference), I am also going to be uploading the images I have drew by hand (those images on my articles is just something in paint, not how I draw) and can soon be found in a new sub-section and my former hentai drawings will be in there.

17. Some person called “Ciara Rosenbeger” helped me on Final Fantasy to complete a hard quest does anyone know this person?

This one was pointed out to me by someone else who was on a Final Fantasy IRC at the time. This name is what I commonly used on MMOs. There is a good chance that was me if the player was not being a dick. Contact that name in game and find out!