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Well if you found this article, I am guessing you might be unemployed and it sucks, I know. Well today here is a review on a website that hopefully will help you find a job that you are looking for. So today’s review is on a new job hunting website called Trud. Trud works by switching jobs into two different groups – cities and industry. So if you was looking for edinburgh jobs, you would simply click that city which would then load all jobs in that area.

The website works by pulling in other job entries from other points on the World Wide Web so the jobs you find on the website is up to date. Features wise it includes being able to get email updates related to the areas you want (such as getting emailed for all new updates for lets say around Edinburgh)

As I am sure you know if you are reading this review as unemployed, you might be wondering why use this website and well it is simple. This website simply updates their listings often, easily breaks down their offers into groups and offers email updates so you do not even have to keep checking.

And well the best reason overall to use them is this – there is no harm in trying another site to find that one dream job that you are looking for so click it now and see what it has to offer you!

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