Lately it seems that alot of people has been requested that I do a post about Scientology and normally I just ingore any requests however this one is different as I have to point something out to everyone and important that they pissed me off by wastingmy time.

It started when I was in a city peacefully doing some shopping when someone offered me a free stree test. I already knew what they truthfully ment however I decided to actually see what was the fussed everyone was talking about. So, I sat down and this man told me to use what they called an “E-Meter” (Which is just a simple lie dectoter) and after the test they told me that I was very stressed from my “past-lifes” (If I have had a past life, I don’t remember it ;)) and that I needed help to become stress-free or enlighted (Not sure what they said nor mean).

Now, I could see on how they twisted people minds and tell them complete bulls**t so that the person does indeed become stressed but not in their “past-life” but in their current one (Which helps Scientology business in that person next life, I guess). The more worrying part was that they offered to help me … but for a fee. I just wanted to get out of there, but they kept saying that I could “help out” the Church of Scientology in turn of getting free treatment. The “helping-out” seems to be more like 600 Billion Years of free labour.

Anyway, I got out of there but on’y by using force. They wouldn’t let me out as I needed treatement. Thankfully, they have no contact details about me but according to my research, I am pretty sure that they will be able to get it. But I ain’t worried – My 21 Inch Katana is more then happy to say hello to any person from Scientology.

Some key facts about Scientology (Summed up very well by Meksilon, FWS,

  1. They tell you not to take prescribed medications, nor the course of treatment recommended by your doctor.
  2. They use deceitful psychological coercion to lure in victims.
  3. They use this method to acquire all of the member’s monetary estate.
  4. Their wealth is not distributed, and more public figures (like Tom Cruise) are treated differently to regular members.
  5. Their leadership is not appointed democratically, but rather are self-appointed twats who are only interested in exploiting others for their own financial gain.
  6. They do not allow the “teaching” of their religion outside of their own corporation; fiercely defending their copyrights in attempt to keep as much information out of the public domain as possible.
  7. They encourage their members to become segregated from their friends and family – and to disassociate with anyone not conforming to scientology.
  8. They kill.
  9. They cover up the truth.
  10. They steal classified government documents.
  11. They use harassment and invasive illegal pressure to try and silence their critics.

Now, I could go on all day but I ain’t. If you wanna read more, then go too

But I will end of this note … tell our Governments that we don’t want Scientology to become mainstream and to make it illegal. It is not a religion, hell it ain’t even a cult. It is more of a gang, a gang that once they even look at you – thats it.

Edit: Later on today, I will be giving a link to the Scientology Esp of South Park for two reasons. One is because Stan says it better then me and second, it keeps on with my South Park referense on this site 😉

Thanks for reading! You may be interested in this …

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Need to quote me?

Ellis, M (2008) Scientology. [online] Tweaked for your Pleasure. Available at: [Accessed 20 May 2022]

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