Discrimination, what discrimination?

It has come to my attention that quite a few people seem to have not actually read the article and only read a few words and decided to go off on me with the whole – people like you should be locked up. If you read the article carefully you will see this article has NOTHING to do with being gay is wrong – people are free to be whatever they please. This article is writing about the hidden discrimination that ex-gays in some of the gay community. Nowhere written in this article does it even comment on being gay so please at least read before you judge. And for those that is saying this does not happen then you are not looking close enough. It happens in every community and it is this one I am writing about solely because it is hidden from the public eye.

Anti-Anti-Gay I am sure you have heard within the United Kingdom the Government is debating about the meaning behind marriage and allowing homosexuals the right to be married but there is one thing the Government itself keeps avoiding and even in a way now starting to support and that is a form of discrimination against the ex-homosexuals community surprisingly by the homosexual community itself.

For many years the homosexual community have been attacked over and over and it is a very good thing they are now protected by law but why is it now the homosexual community has started to attack the ex-homosexuals community and anyone that supports them even when the homosexual community has fought for many years to stop being vilified by the overall community due to how they are, just to turn around and do the same to those that leave.

It seems for some reason someone is now able to turn around and tell the world they are a homosexual and as long as it is not in half of the middle east and a couple of states in the United States of America, they will be accepted with any change. It then seems for some reason you feel you are heterosexual after all it is now wrong and attacked by the homosexual community (really, just Google it and you will see many people’s stories when they tell you they had more abuse coming out as heterosexual then they did when they came out as a homosexual).

Double standards have always been something that exists within human nature and while the homosexual community cries out for tolerance and too should do the same to ex-homosexuals who are not given that chance by them.

I say grow up and live how you want but of course that naturally means I am not accepting of the homosexual community and thus automatically am wrong and what not but really very few gives a shit today if you are gay or not, stop caring about if others are too and worry about your own lives.

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If you are a homosexual and about to comment that I am wrong as there are homosexuals out there that accepts ex-homosexuals than great. This article is not saying everyone that is a homosexual hates the ex community but simply showing that it does exist just the same way there are people out there that do not accept the homosexual community.

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Ellis, M (2013) Discrimination, what discrimination?. [online] Tweaked for your Pleasure. Available at: https://snat.co.uk/rants/im-gay-oh-wait-i-aint.html [Accessed 20 May 2022]

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