Fuck I would have a kid for door parking

Special parking - but why?

Why bother with parking like this?
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There is one thing I have always found somewhat confusing in our modern age – dealing with pregnant women. while I am sure that not everyone that is pregnant is a bitch fuelled by ego, I have just seen that lately pregnant women are giving more and more simply because they are pregnant and I am not talking about the benefit system here.

So the other day I was going to ASDA in my local town where I saw three set of parking. The first set of parking was the disabled parking which was near the ATM which is still pretty far to walk. If we go on the logic that most people who are medically disabled and hold a blue badge needs it because something medically has happened to them such as dodgy generics or what not but the important thing is it did not happen by their own free will.

We then get on what I am going to call normal parking – this is parking placed around everywhere that is usable by all. These have tiny bays which is quite hard for people to get in and out of their cars and more so if the person parked next to you has something like a pick up truck.

We then get on the next one – pregnant women and children parking. This parking is normally located right in front or next to the places and in this case, it is right in front of the store. These parking places has loads of room to allow people to get in and out of their cars (even more so then disabled parking). The idea of this is two things. One to allow children to “safety” get in and out of cars and secondly, to allow pregnant women to easily get in and out of cars.

Now tell me something for a minute. When did we, as a society, started to treat pregnancy like it is some type of condition that forced on women and thus we have to make sure they are treated well. Why with that logic in mind so we, as a society, say people who is overweight is a choice and thus they should not be treated any differently (although there are some medical conditions related to being overweight) while being pregnant, also being a choice, you suddenly have to have people go out-of-the-way for you.

Call me heartless, call me cold or whatever but I fail to see why women, whom by their own free will has got pregnant as I am pretty sure having sex is never an accident. Sure there are women out there that gets raped and have a reason why they do not wish to abort the child (such as medical or whatever), then yes I could understand why it is forced upon them and then given the same as a person with a disability but that should only be for the real-time of their term.

I simply do not see why having children also suddenly give you special parking. Sure you might think it is to keep the children safe but why stop there?

Why not allow dog owners to also get special parking – oh sorry I forgot, they have a dog by choice and thus not worthy of making sure the dog is safe while getting in and out of a car.


Why the fuck should they get special parking for something they have done for their own free will where there are even people whom has conditions that makes them medically unfit is unable to do so?



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