Don’t blame me for my son Matt

I honestly dunno how many times I have heard this excuse (and yes, I am using MYSELF in a real life example from the past);

“Your child is failing English”

“Oh is there anything I can do ?”

“No, your child has ADD and there is little you can do”

“Fair enough, give my child tons of drugs and see what happens”

When will parents grow up and see that labeling your child with ADD will not make everything go away and honestly, it makes you look like very bad parents. Now, I know someone will ADD will say something like “But its true, I have ADD – lol” and I will save you the time, SO DO I.

Now going onto the above example is that I wasn’t doing well in English due to ADD but I was not doing good at English as THAT IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE and learning another is hard work to do when you are young.

Now, ADD has never stopped me from seating still at school years ago, hell it didn’t stop me seating still at college (As long as you don’t count the affect of caffeine ;)). The other problem I have with the HM Government (Remember, I am talking about the UK here) is that many thinks that drugs (Such as Ritalin, the one I am meant to be taking but never have) is the answer and personally that is a lie.

The answer to the problem is that the parents needs to get their kid sorted, not HM Government making living zombie with Ritalin (Been there, done that and I ain’t taking it again).

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