Watching the same shit all over again

vblogI am sure none of you actually care but some weeks ago I decided to cancel the video series I had called Snat’s vBlog. Originally the series was called Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure: Snat’s vBlog and it served as a more personal rant / journal like video series and well I got bored with it.

Snat’s vBlog ultimately just became an online video journal following on from the old portfolio videos updates I used to do and while I am sure some people liked it, the rants slowly disappeared and even started to affect the release cycle of Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure itself and thus both stopped.

As Popmanw used to point out back in TFYP.Network days he used to keep going on and on about releasing a new Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure video and I only actually released a new one when I was filming Behind the Science which ended up as a “there and then” review about a scientific toy kit which was being used for Behind the Science and that video actually did well.

At the same time some other videos was recorded which was meant to be used for Snat’s vBlog. Well some things did happen and Popmanw ended up being too busy to edit the videos and the files being too big for him to send them to me at which time but this footage was actual rants was recorded simply because I had them in my mind at the time – just like the ideal rants on Tweaked for your Pleasure and ultimately what I wanted Snat’s vBlog to be like.

As I am sure you then know but TFYP.Network disbanded with Just a Community splitting off again to become it’s own community much like All4All Community was, Submit your Own (or Submit for your Pleasure if you preferred that name) closed down and Wrights Productions spilt off again onto it’s own site and my video series made their way back home … oh and Playing Games with Snat was also released.

tfyvpSo this is what is happening. First thing is I am now opening a new page on Tweaked for your Pleasure with archives of the old Snat’s vBlog videos. Secondly Popmanw will be sending me the final edited versions of Snat’s vBlog with one being the final video of the series with a special surprise.

Then Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure will now once again have my video rants plus any random reviews I do (click here for my TFYVP Amazon Wish List) so basically it will truly be a video version of Tweaked for your Pleasure*.

So I hope you tune in and enjoy my video rants and all that crap again, but do not expect too much – I still likely will not release anything. Oh, I would like to once again thanks Arjen from Endless Ramblings for making the Snat’s vBlog intro twice (one in SD, then all again in HD) so kudo, enjoy the free back link). I would also like to thank AnyMouse again for redoing The’Dog which you will now be able to request for Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure.

*Now for those that is visiting Tweaked for your Pleasure (שפוי עבור ×”×ª×¢× ×•×’ שלך) who are fans of the Hebrew version, I will also now be releasing Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure in Hebrew and named accordingly. Check the new video section that is now being made like there is on this site.<

Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2011). Watching the same shit all over again. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: [Accessed 07 Dec 2023].

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