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Everyone likes to enjoy eating a bit of guilty food … but ever tried the really horrible stuff? Food reviews here!

Chips & Cheese @ ASDA

The cheese is there somewhere, honest.

The cheese is there somewhere, honest.

The first of many reviews to come and this one comes from the massive wonderful supermarket chain known as ASDA. For those that do not know that quite a lot of the different ASDA supermarkets offers food which is done by a different company whom name escapes my mind right now.

Nonetheless, I decided to give their chips and cheese a try although I suppose technically it should be called cheesy fries. I am not going to talk about service as everything I am reviewing is cheap food and seeing food will range from a single British Sterling to a few pennies that it would be unfair to comment on any service.

As you can see in the photo above, you do get quite a lot of fries and only a handful of cheese. The cheese itself seems to be your standard non-mild Cheddar and tasted as you would expect. The fries themselves was pretty tasteless and had no seasoning at all beyond the cheese.

Overall for the £1-ish that it cost it was nice enough and I remember it used to come on a tray but it came on a plastic tray so I guess you can eat it out if the wind doesn’t screw you over. The best part was for another pound you can buy a completely refillable drink and that is quite rare in the tiny United Kingdom!

Is it Nice

... no it isn't.

… no it isn’t.

For anyone that joined my Facebook page may remember that quite a few years ago – way back in 2012 I seem to recall I started a small food related blog reviewing cheap and bad food.

Well for anyone that knows me well will know the blog never “really” kicked off that well and I never got around to updating as much as I would have liked too.  Continue reading