Free Fiver – September, 2020

You may be wondering why a complete stranger who has never met the person on the other side of the screen is offering a free British five-pound note (well, digital fiver over PayPal) but let me explain it.

Over the many years, people have helped me out with random things such as bus fares, takeaways, and many other things that I decided to help out other people with issues I have had over time.

There is no catch. There is no needing to sign up to something (well you got to fill out a form so it randomly picks you, no marketing or anything), no need to comment on this blog (hell you don’t even need to VIEW the rest of the site)  – I only wish to give back all the kindness people have offered me.

How this works is I will be picking one person (fully automatic so there is no bias) from the sign-up list and on the final Sabbath of every month, a fiver will be sent out via PayPal to that email address.

If you wish to offer thanks – spend some time at a local charity and pass it forward. If you are in the United Kingdom, Citizens Advice is a charity that would benefit massively from any help. Should there be no entries this month, I will be donating it to a charity instead.

In order for this to work, please make sure the email you sign up for IS your PayPal email address.