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For many years now I have written a lot of crap, directed and starred in YouTube videos, and developed many programs that I decided to use this website as an archive for every single bit of stuff I have done over the years.

Please do enjoy my writings (rants, reviews, and short stories) via the links above and there is also a link in the same menu that will forward you to my YouTube page where you can see most of the videos I created such as Playing Games with Snat.

Later in the year, I will also be creating a new section where you are able to download any PHP related projects I have worked on and even buy a few scripts that I still have for sale.

Please do enjoy Tweaked for your Pleasure.

When it comes to the culture of the United Kingdom they tend to be an "America Lite" and import annoying ...
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Rimworld is a game that is hard to define as many would tell you it is a colony builder, war ...
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Cast yourself back to when you were a young child and think to yourself for a couple of minutes about ...
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For this review, I am using the term Final Fantasy XIV for the base game (A Realm Reborn) and the ...
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