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Well, it is very rare that I have ever done a review on an actual company before but I have to say, first time a company has impressed me enough for me to actually write a review.

So, let take a jump back abit. As you may know, my HP Pavilion dv9000 fucked up a while back and there was a time I just disappeared of the Internet. Well after alot of phone calls, e-mails and a letter to HP that we didn’t get anywhere. However, instead the laptop was sent to Ixtreme Repairs Ltd to repair.

Ixtreme Repairs Ltd offers motherboard repairs and after I sent them an e-mail, I got a reply back from Terry. By the look for it, it may be a one man show but regardless, the customer service is wonderful. While it can take some time to get a reply (I have always e-mail at odd hours though) the repair work is solid.

My HP Pavilion dv9000 motherboard was repaired and a fan mod was installed to stop it happening again. However sadly my HP Pavilion did develop the same fault early this morning however after e-mailing Terry, it is being sent back to repair again (as for some reason there may be damage on the north bridge chipset while it shouldn’t have after the fan mod).

While I have not seen their other services yet, I am going to be sending in two other laptops for a DC socket replacement so I will update the article with it.

But personally, if you are having a problem with your HP Pavilion dv9000 – Ring him and you will not reget it

8 thoughts on “Ixtreme Repairs Ltd Review

  1. John

    Mine failed also after a few weeks, sent for re-repair but failed again. I have since been told that without replacing the GPU for updated one it is a waste of time!!!

    1. Snat Post author

      Correct indeed. I still have mine but I do not know if I even have a working plug for it any more.

      I wonder how much a replacement graphics for it would be.

  2. Rajneesh

    I dispatched by post my Sony viao PC for fault in its motherboard to ixtreme repairs, Kent, UK as my local computer repairer told me that he could not find its motherboard. “No repair – no fees” they say in their iextreme repair website. So after a week i get a mail from them that motherboard could not be fixed – Charges £66. Transport charges (inc VAT) is £30 – If you go and collect your PC personally (who is going to Kent hundreds of miles away??) and if they re-assemble and sent it back to you then they charged – £66. All this for not been able to repair my PC. The problem arises when they are not able to repair. It is advisable to try to get your PC/laptop repaired locally.

    1. Snat Post author

      Completely agree about getting it done locally if possible. Surprised you still got charged for it not being able to get done. Was that their labour charge?

      Or was that for them to send it to you because I can understand that.

      1. Rajneesh Thapa

        Transport charge £25 they mention in their site (£30 with VAT). Now they do not mention it is either way (which is way too much –£60). But they charged £66 for not been able to repair my PC. This is just an alert to other people of the hidden costs in the situation when they are unable to repair.

  3. Daf

    I came across Iextreme repairs after someone I knew with a written off laptop managed to have it fixed by them. I’ve since used Iextreme Repairs 4 times with different computers. Each time it has been for a problem that no-one else could fix.- ( Eg. vase of water spilt on macbook pro laptop. Computer dead, etc. .) Each repair was done quickly and for a reasonable price and successful. )


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