The $5 Battle

This is one of these times I really wish I did not create a public e-mail address for MSN, Gtalk etc. Enjoy.

Terry: hi matt there ?

Me: Hey. And you are ?

Terry: im terry. i know you from a forum

Me: A forum ?

Terry: yes. i need to bowrrow some money

Me: Which forum ?

Terry: Rolfa lol man. look i just need some money.

Me: Forumer, Just a Community, Webhosting Talk ?

Terry: no. you going to help or not as gdad died and i need money to bury him

Me: I am sure you do.

Terry: rely i do. i even can show you the body.

Me: Not sure if I should be bothered more by the fact you want money or have a dead body near you.

Me: Well good luck with that.

Terry: look pze man. i just need a bit of cash to bury him.

Me: Oh boo hoo.

Terry: oh k fine. i just need some cash for a domains. can you help ?

Me: And why should I help you for ?

Terry: me and some frieds going to get a domain from a dude.

Me: Oh right. Well good luck with that. Mind me asking what domain you want to get ?

Terry: only if you cough up some cash.

Me: Tell me first, I have little interest in playing games with you.

Terry: kkkk

Terry: gona buy direct from the shithead owner

Me: Umm, are you aware you are talking to someone who is using a e-mail ?

Terry: and faggot ?

Terry: I can easy get any e-mail I want. e ven microsfots !!

Me: Jonny ?

Terry has disconnected.

I am guessing Jonny is back once again. At least he isn’t a millionaire this time. From what I have heard, he has done this to quite a lot of other people as well. I am guessing he is back to scamming again.

3 thoughts on “The $5 Battle

  1. Arjen

    That's extremely entertaining, heh heh. Not really a 'people' person, this "Jonny" individual. I can think of at least three ways to start a conversation better… and using a so-called dead grandfather to try and con someone? That's just low.

  2. That Russian Guy


    Tery just my hon bitch whixh be fkaing hack this site. Can end it by gizing domain

    think butch

    1. Snat Post author

      I remember the days when you used to be able to type good English. I see your IP now comes from a open Tor relay point. I take it you worked out I blocked Hide My Ass didn't you ?

      Took you a while to figure that one out for a so called "cracker".


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